Corporate Living: New Applicants

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As part of our campus outreach, the church in Los Angeles coordinates housing for college-age brothers and sisters in Christ who want to pursue the Lord together in a healthy environment.
For over twenty years, the brothers’ and sisters’ housing (often called “corporate living”) has provided a place where young people are encouraged to grow humanly and spiritually in Christ with one another. Through their experience in corporate living, students have been helped to develop good study habits, learn household responsibilities, and cultivate a seeking heart toward the Lord and His eternal purpose.  Many can testify of the benefit they have received, preparing them for life after college, including the full-time training and a life of service.
However, corporate living is only a part of our overall care for students. We believe it is important that each student have the personal desire to live in corporate living. There are many housing alternatives at UCLA, including on-campus dorms, and off-campus apartments and homes. We care for and meet with students who live in each of these places.

What is Corporate Living?

“But flee youthful lusts, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” (2 Tim. 2:22)
Corporate living is not simply a nice place to live. It requires a commitment (expressed in the Housing Agreement) from each tenant to be an active and contributing factor to a healthy atmosphere of pursuing Christ for the building up of the church. With the oversight of serving brothers and sisters, students coordinate in the practical details of living together as well as in pursuing the Lord for the church life.

How to Apply

This application is required to be considered for corporate living. Completing the application begins a process of consideration (which includes a fellowship interview) but does not guarantee acceptance. Because this process takes time, we encourage you to apply to other housing options if you have not been confirmed to live in corporate living by May 1st, 2018 (for freshman) (the dorm housing application deadline for incoming freshmen).
You will need to submit the following forms for your application to be considered complete:

  1. Housing Agreement
  2. Student Application
  3. Parent Application  (for incoming freshmen only)

We will also ask for a written recommendation from your church elder or serving one, whom we will contact directly using the contact information you provide on your application. After receiving all the parts of your application, we will contact you and your parents to schedule a fellowship interview.

Application Timeline

April 13-14 – UCLA Open House: for prospective students to get a foretaste of corporate living; (sign up at
May 1 – Corporate living application deadline for incoming freshmen and current students
April 1 – May 12 – Fellowship interviews held in person with student applicant and parents
(for those who do not live in the Southern California area, special arrangements can be made)
May 13 – Final acceptances sent out to incoming freshmen and current students
June 1 – Corporate living application deadline for transfer students
June 10 – Final acceptances sent out to transfer students
September 15 – Move-in Day for incoming students to corporate living
September 16-23 – Fall Orientation: mandatory for all students in corporate living and non-refundable payment required at time of acceptance


For Frequently Asked Questions related to corporate living, please refer to the next tab on top of this page.
Any additional questions regarding the application process can be directed to Lampstand Lee: (310) 210-5699 or

Q: Will I be able to choose where I live?

We will bring your requests into consideration. However, there is no guarantee that we can satisfy your requests and preferences.

Q: Will I be guaranteed a four year stay? Will I be moved around?

Housing leases are for one year, and thus you will not move around during the year. However, though our principle is to minimize shuffling year to year, there is no guarantee that you will remain in one place for all four years.

Q: How close is the UCLA campus to the brothers’ and sisters’ housing?

UCLA campus is within a 10-15 minute walk from where the housing is. Biking is also convenient mode of transportation to campus.

Q: How many roommates will I have?

Generally, we house 2 to 3 people per room.

Q: Do I need to bring furniture?

Most of the houses are partially furnished. You will only need to bring a mattress, a desk chair, and some storage bins for your clothing.

Q: How much would I expect to pay per month?

Rent will be approximately $695 per month without utilities and $740 per month with utilities included. All utilities including internet is about $40 per month.

Q: How do I pay rent?

All of the rent is submitted online through a secure payment website called PayLease. Paylease is the leading online payment processor in the property management industry, and is used by thousands of companies nationwide to streamline the process of collecting rent. Students will need to provide their bank account (preferred method) or credit card, and the rent can be automatically deducted at the beginning of each month.

Q: How long is the lease term?

Everyone will sign a 12-month lease.

Q: Are meals provided?

Although there is corporate cooking (see next question), students will need to provide most of their own meals. However, grocery shopping and cooking can be worked out with other students.

Q: What is corporate cooking?

Corporate cooking is an opportunity to be blended with other students and saints in the community while eating a meal together. Corporate cooking varies from quarter to quarter but generally involves one or two nights a week in the brothers’ and sisters’ apartments. Ways to participate include shopping for food, cooking, cleaning and, of course, eating. Participating one night a week for the entire quarter may cost between $50-$60.

Q: Where can I do laundry?

All the apartments have a laundry facility on site, and some are coin-operated.

Q: Is there a curfew?

The curfew is a self-imposed time set by you and your housemates.

Q: Should I bring a car, and is parking available?

Having a car is not necessary. There are many places within walking distance (school, grocery stores, drug stores, banks, restaurants, etc.), and the church meeting place is also within walking distance. Parking is very limited and the Westwood area is difficult to navigate. If you are planning to bring a car it would be good to fellowship with us regarding the parking situation.

Q: Can a friend who is visiting take hospitality with me in the house?

All guests received by the brothers’ and sisters’ houses must be fellowshipped in advance with a serving one and those living in the house. Hospitality is only open to those who are in the church life, and they must be willing to abide by the rules of corporate living. Generally, short-term stays of less than a week are permitted, provided that their main reason for coming is to blend with saints and participate in the church life. Any guests desiring to stay longer than a week should consider other options.

Q: Will I be able to sublease my apartment for the summer if I will not be here?

Because all the housing leases are for 12 months, students are still responsible to pay for their rent during the summer months, regardless of whether or not they will be living there. But students do have the option to sublease their room over the summer, provided they first fellowship with the brothers who oversee the housing. Subleases are only open to those who are in the church life or actively meeting with Christian Students at UCLA, and they must be willing to abide by the rules of corporate living. Students must personally arrange to collect the rent and utilities that are agreed upon with their subleasee; the serving ones will not do it for them.
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