Our Testimony Concerning Witness Lee

The church in Los Angeles is very grateful for the ministry of Witness Lee. We greatly benefited from Witness Lee’s ministry and guidance during his years in Los Angeles, 1962 to 1974. We continued receiving the benefit while he lived in Anaheim, 1974 to 1997. Here is a short biography of Witness Lee and here is another short biography.

Witness Lee’s major accomplishment in his ministry was the Life-Study of the Bible. Believers in Los Angeles who heard these messages or read them, and those who continue to read them now, have been brought into the depths of the Bible and have been enlightened to see it as a whole, unified presentation of God’s eternal purpose. For this we are very thankful to the Lord. Here are Witness Lee’s books and some audio recordings. Here is additional online access to Witness Lee’s writings.

Bibles for America* distributes free Recovery Version New Testaments and several free books from the ministry of Witness Lee. Many believers in the church in Los Angeles participate in their activities by prayer, giving, or serving. Bibles for America has a page with seven quotes by Witness Lee; this is an excellent one to two minute reading sample of his ministry. The outlines and footnotes in the Recovery Version are the highlights of the Life-Study of the Bible volumes; you can access the New Testament portion in the online Recovery Version.

A believer who blogs at Holding to Truth presents his appreciation and describes the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. Another believer, who has met with the church in Los Angeles for a long time and blogs at NewJerusalem, also writes about his appreciation of Witness Lee.

Christian Research Institute, which is not affiliated with him nor with LSM, affirms Witness Lee’s fundamental Biblical position in this four-minute video. A much longer publication presents detailed information and conclusions from their six-year research project into the Local Church Movement of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, concluding that “the local churches are a genuine expression of authentic New Testament Christianity.”

* Outside the United States the same free literature is available through Bibles for Canada, Bibles for Europe, Bibles for Australia, Bibles for New Zealand, Biblias para México, and, in many languages, by Rhema Literature Distributors. The fellowship of the church in Los Angeles extends to all of these and more.