May the Word of the Lord Run and Be Glorified

“Finally, brothers, pray concerning us, that the word of the Lord may run and be glorified, even as it is also with you.” (2 Thes. 3:1). Note 1: To “be glorified” is to have the divine riches contained in the word of the Lord released and expressed in the believers’ living.
Lord, grant us more release and expression of Your word where we live, work, go to school, and shop!

Bible Distribution in London

By middle of last week more than 60,000 New Testaments had been distributed and over 60 percent of the recipients requested further contact. Please continue to pray that the Lord will

  • draw each recipient to read and enlighten each one through the reading,
  • richly supply the saints laboring in the follow-up in all nations where these recipients live,
  • shepherd many recipients into the church life.


The FTTA extension in Boston is beginning its second year. The goal is to raise up some who will serve their whole life, especially in the Lord’s move from North America through Europe to Israel. Pray for the Lord’s leading and supply to these saints:

  • those who bear responsibility for the training and campus work in Boston,
  • those who were trainees in Boston and went to Europe this summer,
  • those who were trainees in Boston and are now serving full time on campuses there,
  • those who are beginning their training year in Boston,
  • those in FTTA who are considering Boston in their future.

Southern California Spanish-Speaking Perfecting Training

This training continues those of prior years. It is all day three Saturdays; one was in July and the remaining two are August 25 and September 29. The emphasis is perfecting for the follow up to the Bibles for America recipients and Life-Study of the Bible radio program contacts.

Korean-Speaking Campus Work

The Korean-speaking saints are preaching the gospel and distributing Korean and English New Testaments on local campuses. Pray that they gain many students for the Bible studies. Here is their near-term schedule.
August 14, Tuesday: USC international graduate student orientation
August 20, Monday: USC international freshman orientation
August 24, Friday: SMC freshman orientation
August 27, Monday: LA City College first day of semester.

New Zealand

Ken Walker will be at a college conference in Wellington Friday (August 31) through Lord’s Day (September 2). Trainees from Hamilton will also attend with their college contacts. The conference will concentrate on “a man of God” and “shepherding in love,” both from 1 and 2 Timothy. Ask the Lord to raise up more as His teachers, soldiers, athletes, farmers, and workmen (2 Tim. 2:1-15). Also pray for grace to brother Ken and a rich word to be released through Him.


Since April of this year, saints from Sendai and surrounding localities have been holding monthly gospel meetings and weekly children’s meetings in the tsunami-devastated town of Ishinomaki. Because of the great response from the people living in the temporary housing units, the saints are fellowshipping about the purchase of a meeting hall in Ishinomaki. The saints are burdened that a meeting hall in Ishinomaki would serve as a base to reach other tsunami-devastated areas. There is also a need for some couples to migrate to this city.
Please pray for:

  • The blending and coordination of the saints in this move and for the Lord to supply them.
  • The acquisition of a meeting hall in Ishinomaki.
  • The Lord to raise up some couples to migrate to Ishinomaki.
  • Those gained in Ishinomaki to be remaining fruit.


The Baltic churches’ family blending conference will be this Friday through Lord’s Day. The topic is The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery.
The international conference in Ireland will be this Saturday and Lord’s Day.


  1. Morning revival: week 6 of The Genuine Oneness of the Body… (Memorial Day conference). After the Memorial Day conference, we will use Crystallization Study of the Minor Prophets (summer training).
  2. This year’s International Thanksgiving Conference will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from Thursday, November 22 through Lord’s Day, November 25. The announcement is at There will be child care for kindergarden through 6th grade; please register your children with your district by Lord’s Day, October 28.
  3. The church in Lausanne-Bussigny would like to invite you to the international conference in Switzerland to be held on September 22nd and 23rd. Information is at
  4. The fall international conference in Israel will be November 15 to 17. An optional pre-conference tour to visit sites of biblical and historical significance will be November 8-15. Registration deadline is October 15. The announcement is at