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Christ is the reality of the law as God’s living Word to infuse His living substance into His loving seekers to make us the same as He is in life, nature, and expression (but not in the Godhead) so that we can be the reality of the Body and bring Him back to recover His right over the whole earth. (opening word of Psalms msg. 8)

International Chinese-Speaking Conference

The 2012 International Chinese-Speaking Conference will be January 25-26 in Taipei. Church visiting in Taiwan will be January 27-29.

New Church in Los Angeles Website

We would like to inform all the saints that we have a new website for the church in Los Angeles! Please visit We hope and pray that this website can be a tool to gain many seeking believers throughout Los Angeles for His testimony. Last week a web programmer from India who has been working with us for the past few months on the construction of the website received the Lord by calling on His name via Skype! Also in the last few days two other seeking Christians have contacted us via the website interested in meeting with us. Please pray for all of these contacts and many more hungry seekers in the Los Angeles area.
For those who use Facebook and Google+ social networks, we have also launched pages for mutual fellowship and for reaching gospel contacts. Visit these pages at and We encourage all of the saints to use the sites freely as gospel tools and to pass them along to friends, coworkers and family members interested in finding a church that by all means some would be saved (1 Cor. 9:22).

FTTA Gospel Trips

This week Tuesday through Friday many trainees and some other saints will depart on gospel trips of 9 to 19 days duration. On these trips they will coordinate with local saints to preach the gospel and shepherd people. Revelation 6:2 says, “And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he who sits on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer.” This is the preaching of the gospel, based on the victory already won by Christ, manifesting His glory, and overcoming in Him. Let us pray with those traveling for much victorious and glorious overcoming.
Here are the Los Angeles related trainees and their destinations. A list of all the trips is at the right side of

Sandy Chen Norway, Sweden, Finland Bert Liu San Luis Obispo, CA
Esther Chien Philippines Fred Liu Bolivia
Brian Chiu Bloomington, IL Ben Nuernberger Germany
Albert Duarte Japan Gloria Nuernberger Greeley, CO
Esly Eden Ecuador Andrew Pham Flagstaff, AZ
Kerrian Fuller San Luis Obispo, CA Yasmin Saenz Flagstaff, AZ
Gina Ger Switzerland Deborah Scatterday The Netherlands
Ray Huff Spain Isaac Tan France
Amy Huff Spain Cindy Tandow Hong Kong
Phil Jacobson Chile Emily Wu France
Helen Kim Grand Rapids, MI Marc Uy Flagstaff, AZ
Grace Liau United Kingdom


Santa Barbara Campus Time

Last week was gospel time on the UCSB campus. Students shepherded over the past year were strong participants in reaching other students. During the time there was much prayer and rich enjoyment day by day and house to house. Two students prayed clearly to receive the Lord, at least 87 Recovery Version New Testaments were distributed, and about 40 students are open for further contact.
Please pray for

  • Continued shepherding of recently contacted students by on-campus appointments and in homes;
  • Rich supply to couples opening homes, to couples supplying food, and to full timers traveling weekly to SB;
  • More homes open for students and more saints trained to cherish and nourish students.
    The link to an annotated photo report (for viewing or downloading) is at the right side of

Indianapolis, Indiana

The city of Indianapolis is building a three-block-long Super Bowl Village for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5. Ten days before the Super Bowl, the street and convention center will play host to an interactive festival of football.
We are moving ahead with the burden to distribute BfA offers and Bibles here from January 27 to February 5. Please pray with us for an open door, open hearts, the Lord to send us chosen ones for His building, and no problems with security.
Please pray with us that the Lord will send those that He has chosen to this event, that He will lead us and open the way to contact them, and bountifully sow seeds of the gospel, that He will prepare us, strengthen us, and send us out in oneness with Him to do His work for the increase and building of His Body.

Bloomington, Illinois

The saints from Champaign and the Chicago metropolitan area are laboring weekly on about 30 open believers here. We are caring for these dear saints by weekly appointments, monthly mini-conferences, and periodic meetings in their homes. We have had 8 mini-conferences using the book “The All Inclusive Christ.” Five to 15 saints from Bloomington attend these conferences. The obvious need is for some with church life experience to migrate here. Our goal is to have a strong enough core to begin meeting as the church in 2012.

Birmingham, Alabama

The church is looking to buy a home close to campus for housing and campus/church meetings. Please pray for us as we consider the homes available that the Lord would make clear His will for us at this time in this matter.


The bookshop officially opened on Monday, January 16. Praise Him! Please pray that the Lord will use the bookshop to sow the seed of the ministry in London, the UK, Europe, and beyond.


  1. Morning revival: The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery, week 8.
    Brothers’ written summaries of ITERO message 8, which may be useful as a supplement to the morning revival book, are here and here.
  2. A report about the mid-December flooding in the Philippines, with donation instructions, is here.