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FTTA Gospel Trips – Worldwide

The gospel trips are in progress this week in the U.S., Asia, Europe, South America, and South Africa. Colossians 1:5b-6: “the word of the truth of the gospel, which has come to you, even as it is also in all the world, bearing fruit and growing, as also in you, since the day you heard and knew the grace of God in truth.” Please pray that

  • There will be a sweet coordination and blending of the trainees with the local saints,
  • The gospel will be prevailing and the truth will be announced to many seeking ones,
  • The trainees will experience the full-time life and service outside the training center,
  • The trainees will be broadened in their view of the Lord’s move and need on the earth,
  • Many young saints will be encouraged to attend FTTs as a result of trainees’ testimonies.

FTTA Gospel Trips – United States

A six minute video report from Boston is at
In San Luis Obispo seven new students continue to be faithful in one-on-one times. This connects us to them both humanly and spiritually and helps cement us to them in a vital relationship. Last Saturday we had a marvelous meeting with with six of our new ones attending; we also had six FTTA trainees with us and the combination of the two was igniting! The singing was electrified and the sharing from the FTTA trainees was inspiring! Continue to pray for our 11 students, that the Lord would not lose one! Some of the new ones, especially the freshman, can be attracted by so many other groups as they can offer more activities and more young people but we pray that they would seek for the heart’s desire of our God and that they would not go according to the outward but according to the speaking of the Lord within. “O Lord keep them in Your Name and in Your Word!”

FTTA Gospel Trips – Europe

Please pray:
For the blending with the local saints and that the Lord could gain some key contacts in the University City, an area with over 130,000 students. (Madrid, Spain)
For the blending of the team with the local saints and the going on of the young people. (Berlin, Germany)
That the contact in Milan would read the Rhema material and meet with us again this week, and that many of the local saints and even the young people could participate in our gospel activities, with some functioning as translators. (Italy)
That through the gospel trips the saints here would be bountifully supplied and encouraged by the fellowship; The distribution of Rhema material at the City Centre in downtown Southampton. Pray that some seeking and open people would be attracted to our table and the truth. (UK, South)
That literature would be distributed. That the contacts made from the distribution would make a stronger connection with the saints. For the city of Coventry, that the campus and community work would be strengthened. (UK, North)
A report about the European teams and two photos are on the home page of

FTTA Gospel Trips – South America and Asia

For the safe and timely arrival of our last teammate and for the coordination over the next few days as we finalize our schedule. (Chile)
That the Lord will soften the hearts of these students and embolden the team to preach the gospel in Mandarin; for the young people in Shouliang – the Lord would go on in them and that His words would dwell in them richly that they can come to the full knowledge of the truth; for the meeting hall in Shouliang – that the saints can continue to meet at this site. (Taiwan)
That the Lord could speak the word of comforting and building to the saints in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro. (Philippines)

Downtown Joint High School Gathering

This Saturday, February 4th, we will have a joint gathering of high school Bible clubs from West Adams High, L.A. High and Virgil Middle School. During this gathering we will have activities, lunch, singing and reports from the students as well as speaking from one of our USC Christian students on Matthew 13 regarding having a proper heart to receive the word of God!
Please pray that the Lord would open up the schedules of the students and release the permission from parents so that many can attend this time. Also that there would be an atmosphere and a clear speaking that would touch the hearts of all of the young people. Lastly that the Lord would give the young people a view that they are not alone but that there any many other young people across L.A. who are taking a stand for the Lord in their high schools.

Rhema in Europe

More than 400,000 copies of Rhema free literature sets 1 through 3 have been distributed in Western and Central Europe. Of this number, 25% have been distributed in Romania, and another 36% have been distributed in the UK and Poland combined. Many positive testimonies have been received from the readers concerning the impact of the ministry on their understanding of God’s Word and on their Christian lives. It is more than clear that the riches of the truth and the life supply are in the Lord’s recovery. Please pray that the Lord will have mercy on many of the readers and shepherd them through the local saints into the church life.

Vienna, Austria

  • There is a small meeting in a sister’s home in Vienna. Please pray:
  • That this meeting will continue week after week
  • For the new ones who meet there and for their family members, neighbors, and friends
  • That the Lord send more saints to Vienna to support His testimony in that city

International Chinese-Speaking Conference

The conference was held in Taipei last week Wednesday and Thursday. The general subject was “The Heart of the Divine Revelation.” The first message was “An Overview of the Four Focal Books—Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians.” A brother’s summary is here.


  1. Morning revival: The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery, week 9.
    A brother’s written summary of The Four Great Pillars message 9, which may be useful as a supplement to the morning revival book, is here.
    After The Four Great Pillars, we will use Psalms (winter training) and then The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery (Thanksgiving conference). We will finish The Focus the day before the summer training.
  2. Saturday night, February 25, will be a joint college meeting at CSUN for all campuses in L.A. Dinner will be provided.
  3. The 2012 Spring Russian-Speaking Conference will be in Sacramento March 23-25. The registration deadline is March 4. Details are at
  4. An invitation to the spring conference in Israel is at Registration deadline is April 1.
    There will be a conference in Athens February 25-26 followed by tours of Corinth and Athens February 27-28. Details are here.