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Summer Training

For the summer training in Anaheim and all the video trainings, please pray

  • for the release of the Lord’s word to the churches;
  • for the saints’ receiving of this word;
  • for the Lord’s covering of the speaking brothers and His anointing in them and upon them that they would be given utterance to fully release the Lord’s burden;
  • that this time would be a feast unto the Lord filled with much fellowship and blending among the saints in the study times and in the homes that the Body would be strengthened and built up through this time.

Summer School of Truth

The summer school is July 16-29. Please pray for 1) the Lord’s blessing of life on the coordination of the serving saints, 2) all the young people to receive a fresh and up-to-date vision of the church, and 3) for lasting connections between young people and college students.


Last Saturday was the FTTA graduation. Pray for the graduating trainees that the Head of the Body would have His full way in placing them in the Body where it pleases Him and that they would all be useful to the Lord for the spread and building up of His Body.


Ken Walker is at the Australian national college conference. It ends Tuesday, July 3; he returns to L.A. July 4.

Budapest, Hungary

Lord’s Day, June 24th, we assembled for the first time. Our expectation was for eight saints to be in attendance; actually, ten saints were present and functioning in life. A report is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/. Please pray for the following matters:

  • That in His time the Lord will make the saints gathering in Budapest a bright golden lampstand.
  • That the Lord will provide language translation for the written ministry and for the meetings.
  • That there will be a breakthrough in contacting young Hungarians.
  • That the Lord will raise up some young Hungarian-speakers to serve Him in Hungary.


Please pray that the 13 gospel friends who attended the recent conference and all 15 of the remaining fruit in this past year, along with their families and friends, would be fully brought into the church life to become normal, living, and functioning members of the Body of Christ.
Please pray that the 179 Italians who have downloaded at least one set of Rhema books in the Italian language will be nourished, enlivened, and enlightened through the ministry and come to the full knowledge of the truth and into the enjoyment of the church life in their respective localities.

Recovery Version Distribution in United Kingdom

Continue to pray for the distribution during the Olympic torch relay, in many cities in the UK, until July 27. More information is at http://distribute.biblesforeurope.org.


  1. Morning revival: training verses or repeat week 6 of The Focus
    Beginning July 9: training verses or repeat week 4 of The Focus
    Beginning July 16: week 1 of The Genuine Oneness of the Body… (Memorial Day conference)