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Nourished with Words of the Faith for a Good Deposit

First Timothy 4:6 speaks of “a good minister of Christ Jesus, being nourished with the words of the faith and of the good teaching which you have closely followed.” Ask the Lord to draw us to more close following this summer so that He can nourish us richly in the summer training, college training, summer school of truth, and every other way.

Summer Training

Pray for the spiritual and practical preparations for the training. Pray also that those not registered would be supplied by attending open meetings.

Migrations from Los Angeles

Please petition the Lord for a bountiful supply to these three families who are migrating from Los Angeles this summer.

  • David and Grace Bernier from hall 5 to Santa Barbara
  • John and Janet Peruzzi from hall 5 to Murfreesboro, Tennessee (a college town near Nashville)
  • David and Elda Chang from hall 4 to Albania

Summer School of Truth

The summer school is July 16-29. Many saints have signed up to help serve the young people and so far 30-40 young people have registered. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing of life on the coordination of the serving saints and also pray for all the young people to receive a fresh and up-to-date vision of the church.

Middle-Age FTTA

Last Saturday 32 saints graduated from the middle-age FTTA. Ask the Lord to bring each one into more ministry of life wherever and however He desires. Ask the Lord to replace them in the fall with 40 new trainees, including some couples with pre-teen children.


Ken Walker arrives in Australia this Wednesday. Thursday he will be in Sydney for a one-day campus teams’ reunion and will present the outlines and play recorded testimonies from last week’s Southern California campus teams’ reunion. Friday through Tuesday of next week he will be at a camp for Australia’s national college conference on “A Man of God” from 1 and 2 Timothy. He returns to Los Angeles on July 4.

New Zealand and Australia

Dick Taylor has been in New Zealand since last Wednesday. He will return to Sydney this week and then come home. Pray for the Lord to strengthen His move there with the riches of His word that all the saints may be more sanctified into oneness in the Triune God. Pray also for a continued supply to Dick in his travels.

Lord’s Table in Rome

The first Lord’s Table in Rome was June 17. The entire meeting is available for viewing on two 30 minute videos at http://vimeo.com/44440940 (part 1) and http://vimeo.com/44486169 (part 2).
Lord, gain many native Italians for the building up in Rome!

Sendai, Japan

[a report by brother Yuki Goto, formerly in L.A. hall 5, now in FTT Tokyo]
Saints in Japan started door-knocking in a temporary housing area. The weekend of June 16-17, more than 40 new ones came to the gospel meeting. There were 30 saints, so there were more gospel friends than the saints! ALL of them called upon the name of the Lord and learned to pray simple prayers. From the new ones, two women wanted to get baptized. They are very solid and thirsty for the truth.
One of the women is the manager of the meeting place. Her testimony was that after the tsunami, she never smiled. But since the saints came and started coordinating for using the meeting place, she loved to be with them and found herself smiling. Now it is her desire to be Christian and be filled with joy for the rest of her life.
After the gospel meeting, there was a small children’s meeting held in the temporary housing area. Five kids came with the parents. Please pray that this meeting will capture the children’s hearts and also their parents’!

Recovery Version Distribution in United Kingdom

Continue to pray for the distribution during the Olympic torch relay (until July 27) and at the Olympic Games (July 27 to August 12). These events are part of human history; the distribution is part of the divine history hidden in human history. Please ask the Lord to:

  • open hearts and minds of many people to receive and enjoy the free materials.
  • supply the workers, funds, and materials for this distribution.
  • give the laborers a wonderful time of blending and building up.

More information is at http://distribute.biblesforeurope.org.


  1. Morning revival: week 6 of The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery (Thanksgiving conference).
    Beginning July 2: training verses or repeat week 6 of The Focus
    Beginning July 9: training verses or repeat week 4 of The Focus
    Beginning July 16: week 1 of The Genuine Oneness of the Body… (Memorial Day conference)
  2. The annual international blending conference in Dublin, Ireland will be August 25-26. Register by August 13. Information and registration is available at http://www.amanatrust.org.uk/events/eventdetails.php?eventid=355.