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The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building

The subject of ITERO was The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building. “Although a priest is a person who serves God, this does not mean that he works for God or does something for God; according to the revelation of the Scriptures, to serve God is to contact God, to receive God into us, and to be filled, saturated, and permeated with God. As we are saturated, permeated, and possessed by God, spontaneously He will flow out of us, and we will be built up with others in this flow of life.” (msg 2, II.A, II.C.2)

Church in Los Angeles

The whole church will meet together Lord’s Day, May 3, at Los Angeles Trade Tech College (same location we used in May and October of last year). After the meeting we will all have lunch together at the college. Ask the Lord to give us a strong desire for blending.

Summer Training

This is the month to register for the summer training. Let us pray that an increased number in Los Angeles have a desire to participate in this training to receive the fresh ministry.

Korean-speaking Bible Seminar in LA

On March 7 our Korean-speaking saints had their first Bible seminar of this year. The Lord blessed by sending 36 new ones with the majority being young adults. The next seminar will be this Saturday, April 18. Please pray for all the March attendants to return along with some new people. Pray also for more of these people to begin participating in the weekly Bible club gatherings.

Summer School of Truth

The Summer School of Truth will be July 24 to August 1 this year. There will be more information on how to sign up in the coming weeks. We ask that the young people would sanctify this week unto the Lord for enjoying the Lord’s word and beginning their next school year with the Lord’s word hidden in their heart (Psa. 119:11).

Bibles for America

The first week of BfA’s Midwest tour was March 30 to April 4. It ended with praises to the Lord for all He’s doing in Ohio and Indiana. The distribution team visited five universities that week, joining local saints to give away free copies of the New Testament Recovery Version and ministry books to seeking students, faculty, and staff.
The Lord operated through the prayers of the saints to pave the way for each distribution, sometimes clearing inclement weather and other times overcoming administrative obstacles. The people who came to the tables were so warm and grateful, happy to meet the saints on their campuses and eager to receive the Bible.


The conference in Ethiopia finished on Lord’s Day. Monday James Lee begins his return to the U.S. Tuesday Dick Taylor flies to Uganda where he meets Tim Knoppe. They will have a conference in Uganda Tuesday night through Thursday. Friday they go to Kenya for a conference Friday night through Lord’s Day. As in Ethiopia, these conferences will be on The Vision, Practice, and Building Up of the Body of Christ. After the conference in Kenya, Dick will begin a long trip home.
Please pray for a rich supply to all the traveling brothers, from a strong seeking in every place they visit, and for much exercise of the spirit for the building up.


Thank the Lord for the glorious propagation that took place in Jalandhar from December 25th to January 25th. During this propagation, 90 were baptized and 7 small groups were established, and on the 25th of January, the church in Jalandhar was established.
Eight localities and 58 local saints [plus trainees from FTT Taipei, FTT New Delhi, and FTTA, including one sister from Los Angeles] joined the propagation in Jalandhar. Currently, 105 saints are under shepherding. Everyday the new ones are enjoying the ministry, having corporate morning revival, and going out to preach the gospel in the evenings.
During this propagation, we witnessed many dynamic salvations. For example, one who suffered from demon possession for 15 years met a gospel team. On the next day she, with her friend, came to one of the saints’ homes, where the saints began to preach the gospel to them. Eventually the demon was cast out, and on that day she and her friend were baptized. And through her 14 were brought into salvation.
A newsletter from the churches in India is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.


There is a National Young People’s Training here April 13-19.


  1. Morning revival: week 3 of Crystallization-Study of Exodus.
  2. The summer training will be June 29 to July 4 in Anaheim. Some video trainings in L.A. will begin June 29, some later. Registration should be completed by April 26. Donation is $155 for Anaheim, $80 for video.
  3. The 6th Grade Conference fellowship and preparation meeting will be Saturday, April 25, in Anaheim, 9:30 am to noon.
  4. The Memorial Day conference will be Friday night, May 22 through Monday morning, May 25 in St. Louis. Conference information is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  5. The 2015 National College Training will be July 12 to 18. Please visit http://www.collegetraining.org for information and instructions on how to register.