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Full-Time Trainings

Through full-time trainings, saints are constituted and perfected in truth, life, character, service, and the gospel to meet the Lord’s need for the work of the ministry unto the building up of the Body of Christ in the present age. Because these trainings are full-time, the constitution and perfecting progresses much quicker than in regular church life.
Let us beseech the Lord for an increase every year in the number of trainees in FTTA, in FTTA Midage, and in all the other FTTs around the earth.

Lord’s Move on the Internet

A relatively small number of saints labor on the internet weekly to present truths of this ministry, support others’ presentations, or testify their experiences of Christ. These actions release the truth and life we have received to a broad audience. Please ask the Lord:

  • to supply those laboring on the internet and to increase their number;
  • to stir up a hunger in many people and to bring these people into fellowship with the recovery, first on the internet and then in person.


Dick Taylor, James Lee, and other brothers are traveling in Africa. This week Dick and Tim Knoppe from Michigan are in Kenya until Wednesday, in Uganda Wednesday to Friday, and in Nigeria Friday to Lord’s Day. James Lee is in Ethiopia until Tuesday, then in Ghana. There he will be with Paul Nii-Aryee, who migrated from the U.S. to Ghana a few years ago.
The weekend of April 18 to 20 there are parallel conferences in Nigeria and in Ghana. Following the conferences, all the traveling brothers will be in Ghana for the African respeaking of ITERO from April 20 at night to April 22 at night.
Please pray that the Lord will cover all the brothers’ travel in the air and on the ground, their health and safety, the food they eat, all the drinks that they drink, their rest and peaceful sleep, that His word be released with no hindrance. Please pray also that so many will receive the nourishment, care, and enlightening to see His economy and be brought into His recovery for the fulfillment of His eternal purpose.


The European respeaking of ITERO is April 15 to 17 in London. The international spring blending conference is April 18 to 20, also in London.
Please pray:

  • that the leading brothers from all over Europe will have an ear to hear and a heart to enter into
    the burden of the Lord’s speaking at the ITERO.
  • that the Lord will release His up-to-date word to all the saints in Europe through the conference.

Sri Lanka

Please pray that the Lord bring at least 100 saints to the National Blending Conference April 18 to 20 and infuse all with His living and operative word.


  1. Morning revival: week 21 of Genesis.
  2. There will be a joint meeting of the church in Los Angeles Lord’s Day, May 11, 10 am at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (near USC). Details will be provided later.
  3. Donations for the FTTA relocation/enlargement may be given to the church, designated for “FTTA Training Center.” Details are in the Information section of http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  4. The 20th European Young People’s Conference will be July 27 to August 2 in Male Ciche, Poland. For information and registration log on to: http://www.ypconference.eu.