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Lord, More Experience for Your Corporate Expression

“And from the midst of it there came the likeness of four living creatures.” (Ezek. 1:5a)
“I am the living One; and I became dead, and behold, I am living forever and ever.” (Rev. 1:17b-18a)
When we experience God as the blowing wind, the overshadowing cloud, the burning fire, and the glowing electrum, we become the four living creatures, a corporate entity expressing Christ. The more we experience the cycle of the wind, the cloud, the fire, and the electrum, the more living we become. (Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel, msg 3, I., II.)
Lord, keep us open to and seeking more experience of Your cycle, more increase of Yourself in us, so that we may livingly bear the responsibility for Your building and move in Los Angeles.

Summer Training Registration

Registration for the 2017 Summer Training (July 3-8) is still open. The deadline for registration is next week, April 25. Ask the Lord to increase our number participating in His speaking to the churches in this training on the book of Ezekiel. Register at: tinyurl.com/summertrainingla.

Southern California

“For I have no one [except Timothy] like-souled who will genuinely care for what concerns you; for all seek their own things, not the things of Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 2:20-21)
We who live in the U.S. (and especially we who are living comfortably in Southern California) need much salvation from seeking “our own things.” May the Lord be merciful to us. (Special Conference, speaking near end of msg 4)

L. A. Chinese-Speaking Perfecting

This coming weekend, April 22 to 23, there will be a L.A. Chinese-speaking saints’ blending and perfecting at Oak Glen. Saints from other churches are also invited. The subject is “A life of the altar and the tent.” Please pray for 1) the saints to be released to come, so that all the 100 spaces will be filled, and 2) all saints to see the vision and renew our consecration to live a life of the altar and the tent.


Eusebio Castillo from Hall 1 is accompanying Sterling Byassee on a visit to Cuba. They left L.A. Saturday, April 15, will be in Mexico until Tuesday, April 18, then stay in Cuba until Tuesday, April 25. We pray that the Lord bless this time through the brothers visiting the saints and strengthening their inner being to follow the Lord.

Germany College Campuses

In the past year the Lord has opened a specific door for spreading His testimony to Europe: by gaining the German young people on the college campuses. This is one of the major areas the co-workers feel are on the Lord’s heart and it requires some consideration within His Body. There is a need for more young people to choose to study in Germany. We hope that all the young people may have much fellowship with their parents and go before the Lord in much prayer to seek a clear guidance.
U.S. students interested in participating in the Lord’s move on the German college campuses, including how to get a university degree for free, please download an information handout at: http://tinyurl.com/studentsforgermany.
May the Lord make us those who fulfill our ultimate responsibility in God’s ultimate move by following the Lamb wherever He may go (Rev. 14:4b). May He gain many local German young people for the spread of His testimony in Europe.

FTTA-XB Gospel Trips to Germany

Two groups of trainees from the FTTA Boston Extension are going to Germany for three weeks. The first group arrived April 12 and the second will arrive May 4. Please pray for the blending of the trainees with the local saints and full-timers, and for their service among the new ones and the students.


The church in Stuttgart is in need of a meeting hall by the end of June. Please pray that the most suitable location at the most affordable price would be released in a timely manner.

Emigration Training

The emigration training in Anaheim will be July 12 through August 4. This is for those who are considering emigrating to Europe, especially to Germany, for the Lord’s move there. A detailed announcement and an application for this training are at http://lordsmove.org/training.html. Applications must be for full participation (no short-term applications) and should be submitted by June 11.
May we all be strengthened in these days to cooperate with the ascended Christ in carrying out His heavenly ministry to build up His Body through His move on the whole earth, especially in Europe.

Conference in France

The annual spring conference will be April 22 to 23 in Paris.

Presidential Election in France

The first round of the 2017 French presidential election will be April 23. Should no candidate win a majority, a run-off election between the top two candidates will be held on May 7. The outcome of this election will have an impact on the social atmosphere in Europe, which in turn will have an impact on openness to the gospel.
Daniel 2:20b-21a, “Let the name of God be blessed from eternity to eternity, for wisdom and might are His. And it is He who changes the times and seasons; He deposes kings and causes kings [and presidents] to ascend.” Lord, we bless Your name, and we ask that this election bring forth Your times, Your seasons, and Your French president.

Split, Croatia

Please pray for the first Lord’s table in Split, Croatia, which is April 23, and for the raising up of the Lord’s testimony in the cities of Croatia (including the capital and largest city, Zagreb).


  1. Morning revival: Week 3 in Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel (Winter Training).
  2. The Sixth Grade Conference will be held May 5 to 7 at Oak Glen. Registration is due April 23.
  3. Summer Training registration is now open: $205 for Anaheim, July 3–8; $105 for webcast in L.A. Saints from L.A. may register at http://tinyurl.com/summertrainingla. Deadline is April 25.
  4. Due to LA Trade Tech College’s new policy of not renting to outside organizations, we will not have a joint meeting of the whole church in Los Angeles this spring.
  5. Information about Germany and Europe: in the April 9 prayer email announcements.
  6. The International Memorial Day Conference will be May 26 to 29 in White Plains, New York. Information about the conference and hotels is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/. Saints from L.A. who plan to attend are asked to RSVP before April 30 at http://www.tinyurl.com/memdayla (adults) and http://www.tinyurl.com/memchildrenla (children).
  7. There will be a conference in Atlanta May 5 to 7 on the gospel to all the nations. The burden is to find a way to contact, labor among, and gain people of African descent to be part of His expression in the Body. For more information, contact churchinatlanta@gmail.com.