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Priests Possessed, Saturated, Living Christ Absolutely

“Then Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying, speak to Aaron and say to him, When you set up the lamps, the seven lamps will give light in front of the lampstand. And Aaron did so; he set up its lamps to give light in front of the lampstand, as Jehovah had commanded Moses.” (Num. 8:1-3)
Numbers 7 ends with God speaking in the Tent of Meeting, and chapter 8 begins with God’s continued speaking concerning the lighting of the lamps for light. This sequence indicates that whenever God’s word comes, His people receive light. The holy task of lighting the lamps was a service of holy persons, the priests. A priest is one who is possessed by God, filled with God, saturated with God, and living absolutely for God; furthermore, a priest had to be clothed with priestly garments which signify Christ lived out of the priesthood. (Crystallization-Study of Numbers, week 9, II.C-C.1, III.D-D.1)
The Lord made us priests in position (Rev. 1:6). For lighting the lamps we need the word of God and the Spirit (the oil). When we have a rich supply of the word and the Spirit, we are priests in reality—possessed, filled, saturated, and living Christ. Lord, bring us all further into this reality!

July Semiannual Training Registrations

This is the final week to register for the July Semiannual Training, July 1 to 6, in Anaheim ($205). Late registrations will not be accepted. For saints in LA, registration and payment instructions are at http://tinyurl.com/summertrainingla. Registrations for the local video trainings ($105) are due June 11. Please contact your district’s registration coordinator if you have any questions.
We hope that many saints will seize the opportunity to participate in this training. As the Lord leads, may many be led of the Lord to budget their time and money so that they can physically attend the meetings. “You [Timothy] have closely followed my teaching, conduct, purpose, faith, long-suffering, love, endurance” (2 Tim. 3:10). May we likewise closely follow the Lord’s up-to-date speaking so that the Lord may build His Body and prepare His bride.

Southern California Sixth Grade Preparation Meeting

This meeting will be Saturday, April 27, in Anaheim, 2528 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, 92801, 2:00 to 3:30 PM. Visit http://www.SCYP.com and click on Event Registration.
We particularly ask for at least one parent of each sixth grader planning on attending the sixth grade conference, as well as all those who will be shepherding them during and after the conference, to join us for this crucial time of fellowship. The upcoming junior high years are a key determining factor in retaining and gaining our young people during their crucial transition from childhood to the teenage years so we hope we could all labor in one accord with one view to gain them during this weekend and beyond.

GTCA Cities in California – Fresno/Clovis

GTCA is the carrying out of the long-term burden to “gospelize, truthize, and churchize” North America. More than 20 cities are targeted for ongoing care and labor in 2019, including 3 in California.
Clovis is 9 miles northeast of Fresno. It is the location of a community college and close to Cal State University-Fresno. There are 20 saints living in Clovis who presently meet locally during the week and with the church in Fresno on Lord’s Days. The prayer requests from Fresno and Clovis:

  1. The saints would continue to pray in small groups and shepherd the gospel contacts from the college campuses and the community.

  2. The Lord would raise up a campus team to labor on the 3 campuses: Cal State Fresno, Fresno City College, and Clovis Community College.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

There is currently a burden to strengthen the Lord’s testimony in Birmingham, the second-most populous city in the United Kingdom after London. In line with this burden, there will be a special one-week training from April 23 to 28 in Birmingham. This time is for all who would like to be trained in the God-ordained way, and specifically for those who are open to, considering, or in the process of migrating to Birmingham. The first-year FTTL trainees will also join this training.

Novi Sad, First Local Church in Serbia

Serbia is a nation of about seven million people in southeast Europe. The first lampstand in Serbia will be established with the Lord’s table in Novi Sad on April 28. Pray for a strong beginning of the Lord’s testimony in the nation’s second-largest city through the blending and fellowship in the Body.


The annual spring conference for French-speaking Europe will be in Paris, April 26 to 28.


Please pray for these on-going burdens:

  • More families and serving ones to pick up the burden of migration in 2019 for the Lord’s spread to additional cities in Germany.

  • The Lord’s grace to the migrated saints in their learning and practicing the German language.

  • The meeting, shepherding, and gaining of German college students and young German families.

  • The perfecting of the Arabic- and Farsi-speaking saints to grow in life and in their function for the building up of the Body of Christ and to open their homes as shepherds’ tents.


  1. Morning Revival: Week 9 of Crystallization-Study of Numbers, vol. 2.

  2. July Semiannual Training is July 1 to 6. Registration is open until April 28 for the live sessions in Anaheim ($205) and June 11 for webcasts in LA ($105). No late registrations. Saints in LA should register online at http://tinyurl.com/summertrainingla and follow payment directions.

  3. Southern California Blending Conference will be June 8 and 9 in Anaheim.

  4. Memorial Day Conference will be May 24 to 27 in Seattle, WA. Conference and hotel information is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer. Saints from LA attending should RSVP no later than April 28 at http://tinyurl.com/memdayla (adults) and http://tinyurl.com/memchildrenla (children).

  5. Receive prayer and announcements by email weekly; sign up at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.