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“He Must Increase” (John 3:30)

The increase in John 3:30 is the bride in v. 29, and the bride there is a living composition of all the regenerated people (see footnote on John 3:30). Lord, burden us for Your increase and bring many more people to Your bride through regeneration!
Acts shows that there was much spreading in the early church, but in this spreading, the apostles did not forget the teaching of the truth and the nurturing in life….Surely, we have to pay attention to the knowledge of the truth and growth in life. At the same time, we need to realize that truth and life are for the increase and spread of the church. (1985, Crucial Words of Leading, Book 4, Chapter 1, pp. 25-26)
We need the help to realize our real situation. What is needed today in the Lord’s recovery is the increase. (1985, The Way to Practice the Lord’s Present Move, Chapter 4, p. 46)

Southern California Blending Conference

A blending conference for the churches in Southern California will be held at the Ministry Conference Center (MCC) on April 30 and May 1. Ask the Lord to bring 4000 to this conference to experience the corporate Body life and to receive the Spirit’s speaking to the churches.
Meeting 1: Saturday afternoon 4:00–5:45 pm
Break (bring your own dinner)
Meeting 2: Saturday evening 7:00–8:45 pm
Meeting 3: Lord’s Day morning 10:00 am–12:30 pm
More information at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer. For translation, bring your own FM radios.
Children’s service for Kindergarten through sixth grade will be provided Saturday in Anaheim, and Lord’s Day in Cerritos. (During all meetings parents may supervise infants, toddlers and pre-K in an overflow room with a live audio/video conference feed. No children should be left unattended.) Children K through sixth grade need to be registered for Saturday at http://tinyurl.com/2016ChildrenRegistration and for Lord’s Day with Keith McKnight kgm10ca@yahoo.com.
Please note: Lord’s Day, May 1, there will be no meetings in any of the halls in L.A.

Church in Los Angeles

The whole church will meet Lord’s Day, May 22, at L.A. Trade Tech College at 10 am.

Sixth Grade Conference

The Sixth Grade Conference will take place from May 6 to 8 at Oak Glen. Pray for the Lord to bring as many 6th graders as possible to this conference from across LA—the Westside, Downtown, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks, and any other surrounding areas—and (following the conference) to grant them a meaningful baptism and a good start to their church life.

Conference for Announcing the Gospel to the Nations

Please pray for the May 6 to 8 conference in New York City that will have the burden of preaching the gospel to the nations, with a particular burden for gaining those of African descent. Apparently this burden is a matter of race, but actually it is a matter of ratio. The current number of saints of African descent meeting in the churches in the Lord’s recovery in North America is very low, when compared to the number in the general population.
Our burden is to find a way to contact, labor among, and gain people of African descent both from the college campuses and from the community. Please pray that the Lord would use this conference for the benefit of many of African descent to see Christ and enjoy an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Christ (Acts 26:18). Also pray that many saints, of all races, would either pick up this burden or, if the Lord leads, attend this conference with a view for the building up of one Body, regardless of race or nationality.

Germany Gospel Trips

The fourth gospel trip is in its second week. Saints are laboring in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, and Düsseldorf. Please pray for:

  • a rich supply to the local saints who are coordinating all the practical details of these trips;
  • much blending of the participants in this trip and with the local saints;
  • continuing care for those contacted in previous trips, and their linking to local homes;
  • more native Germans and more refugees to be saved into the church life.


The annual conference in Poland is April 30 through May 3.

Lord’s Move to Asia

The April issue of the LMA newsletter shares about perfecting times in India (where there are 154 churches), shepherding in Papua New Guinea, and the FTT Tokyo trainees’ gospel trip to Nepal.
English: http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/e-2016-04.pdf
Chinese: http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Asia-2016-04.pdf


  1. Morning revival: Week 30 in Crystallization-Study of Exodus, vol. 5.
    May 2-7, repeat Week 30; May 9-14, Week 31; May 16-21, repeat Week 31
  2. The European YP Conference will be July 29 to August 4 in Poland: http://ypconference.eu.
  3. The Lord’s move in Germany:
    Reports are on a public Facebook page Germany Update http://facebook.com/germanyupdate. Information about follow-up gospel trips is at http://germany2016.amanatrust.org.uk.
    Giving for the Gospel Work in Europe instructions are at http://www.lordsmove.org/information.html.