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Church in Los Angeles

There will be a joint meeting of the church in Los Angeles Lord’s Day, May 11, 10 am at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (near USC). Let us pray that the Lord release everyone to attend and participate in the reality of one Spirit and one Body.

New FTTA Facility

Pray for the release of permits and skilled laborers, for wisdom to those overseeing the work, and for timely progress in the work on the new facility.

Sixth Grade Conference

The sixth grade conference is May 2 to 4 in Irvine. We pray that all the 6th graders will have a rich and meaningful experience at this conference and that it will lay a strong foundation for their entire Christian life.

Summer School of Truth

The summer school of truth has been a rich source of constitution of truth and life for the young people in the Lord’s recovery for many years. These times of dispensing have played a crucial role in the preparation and raising up of the next generation to meet the need of the Lord’s move on the earth.
For this, we will conduct a one-day Teacher’s Training for the practice of the summer school of the truth. It will be a time for us to be refreshed in our vision and burden, review our current practice, and learn from one another. This time is for serving ones, college students, working saints, parents, and any others who would be burdened to participate. Saturday, May 10th, in Fullerton, 9 am to 3 pm.


The annual spring International Blending Conference will be held in Warsaw on May 1-4, 2014.
The subject of the conference will be “The Mending Ministry of John.”


A report from Albania is below. Please pray:

  • That the Lord will increase the blending in Albania and will burden some to migrate there.
  • That the Lord will strengthen the saints in Tirana to bear His testimony and will gain a lampstand in that city.
  • For the release of the ministry in Albanian, especially the Rhema sets of free books.
  • That the Lord will spread His recovery throughout the Albanian-speaking world.

FTT Caacupé, Paraguay

The Lord has brought twenty new young brothers and sisters from nine countries to begin their training this term. Furthermore, the Lord has brought back 28 trainees who will continue their training. During pre-training week an additional 35 saints joined us for a short-term. Let us pray that many more saints from South America may come for a short-term of at least one week during any week of this term.
Please visit our website at http://www.etc-c.org to see our newsletters.


  1. Morning revival: week 23 of Genesis.
  2. There will be a joint meeting of the church in Los Angeles Lord’s Day, May 11, 10 am at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (near USC). Free parking is available in the large parking structure on Olive St between Washington Blvd and 21st St. After parking, walk west across Grand St onto the campus. The meeting will take place in the North Tent, close to the intersection of Grand Ave and 21st St. There are also plenty of metered parking spots available on Grand Ave for no charge on Lord’s day.
  3. The International Memorial Day Conference will be held in Philadelphia from Friday evening, May 23 through Monday noon, May 26. Information is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  4. Donations for the FTTA relocation/enlargement may be given to the church, designated for “FTTA Training Center.” Details are in the Information section of http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  5. The 20th European Young People’s Conference will be July 27 to August 2 in Male Ciche, Poland. Information and registration are at http://www.ypconference.eu.

Report from Tirana, Albania (21 April 2014)

In November 2012 a young couple migrated with their two small children from Los Angeles to Tirana, Albania. In September 2013 they started an English preschool near the center of the city. Because they run their own business, they are able to sponsor their staff with working visas. Their hope is that the Lord will use their business for His work.
As soon as they arrived in Tirana, they began to meet on Lord’s Days. From another couple’s labor in the 1990s, one family who was gained at that time remained in Tirana. During the last 10+ years this family actively sought out fellowship and blending by going to the Poland young people’s conference and visiting the saints in Greece. The two families who are now in Tirana meet regularly on Lord’s Day and are joined by family members, friends, and neighbors. The number in the meetings is about 10. In the meetings they enjoy hymns, fellowship, and reading the ministry, currently The All Inclusive Christ. The saints also meet weekly on Wednesday evenings.
Through the extensive labor in translating the ministry into Albanian over the past two decades, there is a rich supply of the ministry that the saints can enjoy in Albanian. Please pray for the raising up of a lampstand in Tirana and the spreading of the Lord’s testimony throughout the Albanian-speaking world.