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FTTA Boston Extension

On January 20, at the new training center, our sixth term commenced with a meeting attended by many local saints. The twelve incoming trainees introduced themselves and gave their testimonies.
This term there are 23 trainees. The sisters live on the third floor of the new building, and the brothers in adjacent apartments. All the trainees are working closely with the full-time team laboring at various universities. Each campus has seen an increase in the number of open and available students. The saints are burdened that Harvard’s original motto, Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae (Truth for Christ and the Church) will be a reality—not just at Harvard, but at every campus in the Boston area.
A two page report about the Boston Extension is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.

Southern California College Conference

This weekend, April 11 to 13, the college students in Southern California will gather together in Anaheim hear the Lord’s speaking concerning the vision of the church. Please pray that:

  1. the Lord would draw a good number of college students and high school seniors, including many younger and newer ones, to the conference, overcoming any obstacles that may prevent them from coming.
  2. the Father would grant each student a spirit of wisdom and revelation to see the life changing revelation of the church.
  3. the students would be burning in spirit, focused on Christ, and fanning one another into flame.
  4. the Lord would bless all of the interaction of the students with hospitality hosts for mutual encouragement and building up.

Junior High Conferences

The Southern California junior high school brothers and sisters conferences are April 11 to 13.

California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)

With the Lord’s blessing, the campus work at CSUCI continues to thrive. About 20 students stay close to our campus team members; however, 7 of them are graduating seniors. There are 6-10 students consistently attending our Thursday night Bible studies, Saturday night home meetings and various weekend activities. We plan to take some students to the college conference on April 12, hold an open-house for high school seniors April 26, and have a graduation BBQ May 17. Please pray that (1) some church kids will attend CSUCI in fall 2014, (2) new leadership will be established among non-graduating students, (3) graduating seniors will be connected to local churches where they move, (4) some of them will be interested in attending FTTA, and (5) some serving saints (especially with homes) will rise up to serve this campus work.

Preparation for Sixth Grade Conference

The 6th grade conference is a crucial time for some of our dear young people to receive the Lord and for others to have a richer experience of the Lord. As the 6th grade conference has particular aspects that require the participation of the serving ones attending, there is a great need for those serving at this conference to participate in a special time of fellowship Saturday, April 26th in Anaheim, 9:30 am to noon. Click to register.
We ask that at least one parent of each 6th grader going to the conference attend this important time. Also, we strongly encourage all the saints planning to go to this conference as serving ones, as well as any college age saints who are burdened for the 6th graders, to join this important time of fellowship.


The church in Addis Ababa participated in two book fairs. They distributed gospel tracts and free used books from LSM. Their entire supply of Recovery Versions NTs was given out. They are now making phone calls to over 7000 people contacted at the book fairs. Many had very positive responses and some will come to the conference this weekend. Here are a few words from the church in Addis Ababa:

  • The whole book fair experience at the Addis Ababa university main campus was wonderful and full of the Lord’s blessing.
  • We participated in the second exhibition last week on one of the busiest roads in Addis and this was another proof to us that the Lord has widely opened this nation for His move to spread the gospel of the Kingdom for His testimony to be raised up.
  • At the second exhibition, all kinds of people were awed, according to their words, at the testimony we bear before them, which is the oneness of the serving ones and their love to one another and to the people they were contacting.
  • This week we are calling each contact. The response of many is remarkable. Most are very happy that we called them back and are cherished. Many have read the books and are very open for further contact.
  • So many people were impressed by the Recovery Version we had on display at the two exhibitions. We will soon run out of free used books and we haven’t yet reached a minute portion of the seeking people as we discovered the tremendous hunger the Lord has sent into the people.

Let us pray for:

  1. much grace to those who are calling the book fair contacts;
  2. continuing positive responses from all the contacts, and further contacts with them;
  3. the Lord to continue sending a strong hunger throughout Ethiopia;
  4. shame to the enemy regarding the opposition and slander that has arisen.


Dick Taylor is traveling in Africa. This week Wednesday through Lord’s Day Dick and James Lee are in Ethiopia. On Lord’s Day Dick will go to Kenya with Tim Knoppe from Michigan.
Ethiopia will have their national conference on the weekend. Responsible brothers in Ethiopia will have a mini-respeaking of ITERO Lord’s Day afternoon and evening, April 13.
Please pray that all the visiting and gatherings in Africa would issue in lots of blending for reality of Body of Christ. Pray also for the present speaking of the Lord to run and be glorified.

European Spring University Conference

The European spring university students’ conference is April 11 to 14 in Wales. The subject is The Full Ministry of Christ in the Stage of Intensification (3) – Consummating the New Jerusalem. Please pray for the Lord to gather many students and for His appearing and speaking to them to gain them for His eternal purpose.


  1. Morning revival: week 20 of Genesis.
  2. There will be a joint meeting of the church in Los Angeles Lord’s Day, May 11, 10 am at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (near USC). Details will be provided later.
  3. Donations for the FTTA relocation/enlargement may be given to the church, designated for “FTTA Training Center.” Details are in the Information section of http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  4. The 20th European Young People’s Conference will be July 27 to August 2 in Male Ciche, Poland. For information and registration log on to: http://www.ypconference.eu.