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The Knowledge of Life

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” (John 1:4-5)
All the beauty, power, brightness, and ability of the church come from the fact that Christ as life is her inward content; the church is the result of life, and life is the content of the church.
What every church today needs most is the things of life. All our work and activity must come out of life… Unless it comes out of life, our work and service will neither last nor bear much weight. If we want our work to bear abundant and lasting fruit, we must have a foundation in life… Our work should just be the releasing of the life of the Lord, the imparting and supplying of the Lord’s life to others. May the Lord have mercy upon us and open our eyes to see that the central work of God in this age is that man may gain His life and grow and mature in His life. Only the work which comes out of His life can reach His eternal standard and be accepted by Him. (Knowing Life and the Church, msg. 2, I.G, VI)

CSUN Fall Semester

The fall semester at CSUN begins this weekend. Please pray that our students would be filled and supplied with life, built up with their companions, and have a normal life of contacting their friends and classmates to gain them for the church life.


The Full-Time Training in Anaheim and London began last week on August 14. Please pray for a renewed consecration from all the trainees (both incoming and returning) that the Lord would have His way to do whatever He needs to do to further His economy—by growing in each trainee day by day, by blending them together, and by raising them up to be living and functioning members of His Body.

Lafayette, Indiana

Two weeks ago, saints in Indiana handed out free copies of the NT Recovery Version in Lafayette, where the ground had been prepared through radio broadcasts of the ministry. Local brothers and sisters spent two days at a park and gave away Bibles, gospel tracts, and flyers advertising the radio broadcast to those who were open to words of life and truth. Please pray:

  • For the people in Lafayette who received God’s Word during the distribution.
  • For the follow-up of those interested in learning more about the Bible and the Christian life.

Polish Recovery Version

Proof-reading for the Polish Recovery Version began last week on August 14 in London. This project will take six weeks. Please pray that:

  • All the participants will experience the Lord’s abounding grace to labor diligently and with keen eyesight to find all the mistakes and correct them before printing.
  • This project will be finished on time and that the NT Recovery Version in Polish will be printed and available at the end of 2017.

The Lord’s Testimony in Europe

Please continue to pray for the raising up of the Lord’s testimony in major European cities, including: Lisbon (Portugal); Krakow (Poland); Vienna (Austria); Sofia (Bulgaria); Thessaloniki (Greece); Zagreb (Croatia); Belgrade and Novi Sad (Serbia); Geneva and Zurich (Switzerland); Bilbao (Spain); Hamburg and Munich (Germany); and Tirana (Albania).

Continuing Burdens

Oak Glen: Lord, grace us (2 Cor. 8:1, 4, 6-7, 9) to give monthly for the payments on this property.
Kirchentag (Germany, May 24-28): contacting 4,795 NT recipients to bring at least 100 into church life.


  1. Morning revival: Week 2 in Knowing Life and the Church (Memorial Day Conference).
  2. The Thanksgiving Conference will be in Phoenix Thursday night, November 23 to Lord’s Day noon, November 26. Information is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/.
  3. Information about Germany and Europe: see August 13 prayer (”Older Entries” near bottom of http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/).