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Rise Up to Pray for A New Revival

God became man that man may become God. Such an economy is incomprehensible to both angels and man. This economy is of God’s desire, and it will reach, attain, the high peak of God’s goal….The Triune God and the tripartite man will become a loving couple in eternity as man yet still God. Divinity and humanity will become a mutual abode, and the glory of God will be expressed in humanity radiantly in splendor to the uttermost. (hymn, What Miracle, What Mystery, at end of morning revival week 1)
I hope that the saints in all the churches throughout the earth, especially the co-workers and the elders, will see this revelation and then rise up to pray that God would give us a new revival—a revival which has never been recorded in history. (W. Lee, Life-study of 1 & 2 Chronicles, ch. 2, sec. 3, © LSM)

CSUN (Hall 2 English)

Last week we met over 100 students through our welcome events during the first week of classes and saw about 15 of them multiple times. Thank you, saints, for all of your prayers! Please pray that:

  1. the students would continue to be built up as a priesthood, bearing the new ones together in prayer;
  2. we would see the new ones this coming week and attach them to our Bible study and the homes;
  3. the Lord would show us which ones to focus our labor on, and build up the net to contain them as remaining fruit.

Also, please pray for our club table at the CSUN club fair on Tuesday and Wednesday this week where we have an opportunity to meet more students.

Middle-Age Training

The middle age FTTA begins this week. Eighty-three trainees are registered for the whole term. One-third are from Southern California, others from across the U.S., and some from ten other nations. Ask the Lord to infuse them with life, enlighten them with truth, save them from their natural being, and lead them into coordination for serving Him.

Oak Glen – Southern California Blending Center

On August 22 there was a meeting in Anaheim to present our purchase of Oak Glen to all the churches in Southern California. A video of that fellowship is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese on http://www.socalblendingcenter.org/updates.
The sale of Oak Glen to the Southern California churches will be completed in October. At that time the $1.64 million down payment will be due. To help with this, please give to the church by Lord’s Day, September 27, designated for Oak Glen.

Bibles for America

Praise the Lord for His moving at the Crow Fair in Montana! Saints came from many states to support the distribution. Over 400 copies of the NT Recovery Version went out with the vast majority going to Native Americans. Many people, especially many children, prayed to receive the Lord. An encouraging 71 people indicated interest in further contact.
Please pray that the Lord would operate through each Bible given away and would raise up the shepherding for the many newly regenerated and seeking believers among the Crow Nation.

European Universities

Most universities in the UK and other European countries start their new academic year in the coming weeks. This is the most crucial time for making new contacts on campus. Please pray:

  • to consecrate the new academic year, the students, the homes, and the labor on campus to the Lord
  • that the Lord will raise up key students to co-labor on many campuses throughout Europe
  • that the Lord will open the way to contact some seeking ones during this critical time and gain them as remaining fruit.


Reports from Turkey and Bangladesh about gospel preaching among Moslems and Hindus, baptizing and shepherding new believers, home gatherings, raising up local churches, and contacting other Christians are at:
http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/E-2015-08.pdf (English)
http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Asia-2015-08.pdf (Chinese).


  1. Morning revival: Week 1 of The Need for a New Revival (Memorial Day Conference).
  2. The whole church in Los Angeles will meet together Lord’s Day, October 18, at L.A. Trade Tech College (same location as May of this year and October of last year).
  3. The Thanksgiving Conference will be November 26 to 29 in Jacksonville, Florida. A detailed announcement is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/.