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Bethel – The House of God

We need to be enlightened by and fully saturated with the thought that in this universe God is doing only one thing—building His eternal habitation. (point I in msg 1, United Kingdom and Ireland blending conference, August 23-24, attended by about 500).

High School Seniors Fellowship

We are happy to announce another High School Seniors Fellowship Time on Saturday, September 13 at the meeting hall of the Church in Irvine. This time is open to all high school seniors, not just those interested in attending UCI. We hope to impress the students with a vision of the value of their college years humanly and for the Lord and provide some practical college fellowship.

Midage Training

The fall term of middle age training began Monday, September 1. Eighty trainees are registered for the whole term and eleven more for one to a few weeks. Please pray that each one remains open to the Lord’s enlightening and constituting.

Bibles for America

Many BfA recipients send in positive responses regarding the free Bible, books, and other materials they receive. Such responses come through email, Facebook, YouTube, and the BfA blog and provide further opportunity and encouragement to pray for these dear believers. Please pray that many people would continue to find and benefit from the free resources available from Bibles for America.

Thessaloniki, Greece

In the middle of August two serving couples moved from Athens to Thessaloniki. The Lord has given them apartments in a strategic location, a 10-minute walk from the university. Please pray that:

  • the local saints who have been in contact with them will be strengthened to practice the church life;
  • the Lord will lead them to contact more seeking people and will enlarge His testimony here;
  • the Lord will nourish and build up the saints through their consistent reading of the ministry.


The annual conference in Romania is September 5 to 7. Please pray for 1) the gathering and blending of all the saints, 2) the release of the Lord’s word, and 3) the unveiling of all to see a heavenly vision.


  1. Morning revival: week 25 of Crystallization-Study of Genesis (summer training).
  2. The International Thanksgiving Conference will be November 27-30 in San Antonio, Texas. There will be translation into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Care for children kindergarten through 6th grade will be provided; register by November 1. Information is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  3. The 2015 International Chinese-speaking Conference will be in Taipei, Taiwan Saturday, February 21 and Lord’s Day, February 22. We extend an invitation to participate in this gathering. There will be translation into English and other languages as needed. All who plan to attend should complete their registration by November 30; register through the church here. There will also be optional church visiting trips before and after the conference. Information is at http://www.icsc2015.org/about/index.
  4. There is a phone list update form at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/phonelist. We request your assistance in completing this form in order to update our church directory.