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Christ is Everything for God’s Redeemed

The worship portrayed in Leviticus is a matter of contacting God by enjoying Christ as the common portion with God and with one another. The issue of enjoying Christ with God is the holy living of God’s people. Leviticus ends with God’s aspiration that we vow to devote ourselves to Him. God has done everything for us and now He needs us to enjoy Him. (Lev. 1:1, note 1; 27:30, note 1)
The winter training will be on Christ as everything for our fellowship with God through Christ as all the offerings. Let us vow to devote ourselves to Him to enjoy Him during this training and ask Him to arrange everything to maximize this enjoyment in Anaheim, in the video trainings, and throughout the recovery.

FTTA Graduation

The FTTA graduation will be this Saturday, December 23. Please pray that each of the 48 graduates will follow the Lamb wherever He goes, that all current trainees will be supplied to continue, and that the Lord will bring at least 60 new trainees including 30 brothers to the spring term beginning in February.

European Winter School of Truth (WST)

From December 26 to 31, the WST will take place simultaneously in the UK, Netherlands, and Spain. The subject will be “The Two Spirits.” Please pray that through these times of concentrated care and infusion, the Lord will gain a group of young people in Europe who are constituted with the truth.


Some cities and universities have had very positive responses to the October Bible distributions, and over 20 cities have the potential for new churches to be established in 2018. Please ask the Lord:

  • to work in the hearts of all the Bible recipients;

  • to continue to richly supply the saints to follow up with all the open, seeking recipients;

  • to supply sufficient saints for each city, including those who know the German language and those who have experience in a solid church life;

  • for the gaining of German students and young German working professionals.

National College Training in India

This training is December 23 to 26. Our goal is to have 500 attend. By late November there were 508 registered (last year was 359), and this is very encouraging! Our prayer is that many would have a desire to go to FTT New Delhi. Our hope is that 20 would join FTT New Delhi next term. Currently, there are 44 trainees.


  1. Morning revival: Week 24 in Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel, vol. 4.
    After the winter training we will use Material Offerings and the Lord’s Move Today for two weeks; if you do not have a copy, please order one. After that we will use The Recovery of the Church.

  2. The Winter Training will be December 25 to 30 in Anaheim and by local webcasts in Los Angeles. Late registrations for the webcasts ($130) may still be submitted until December 19. Sign up at http://www.tinyurl.com/wintertrainingla and give payment to your district’s registration coordinator.

  3. The Southern California Spanish-Speaking Conference will be January 12 to 14, at the MCC in Anaheim. Messages will be given in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish. At the same time, a Southern California Young People’s Blending Conference will take place in the MCC’s cafeteria. Full details are posted at www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.

  4. Information about Germany and Europe: see December 10 prayer (“Older Entries” near bottom of http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/).