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Winter Training

Please remember the live training this week, December 21–26, in Anaheim, as well as the webcast
and video training in many localities. Pray for the saints’ hearing, receiving, and digesting of the Lord’s up-to-date speaking, not only during the meetings but even in dinner-time fellowships. May the Lord infuse His recovery with His burden from the book of Exodus!

Oak Glen (from the brothers who coordinated the purchase)

The escrow for our purchase of Oak Glen closed December 18. We thank the Lord for His rich
grace shown in the generous offerings of the saints and the churches.
Now we encourage the saints to use Oak Glen for conferences and retreats. The pattern of going to the mountains for a time of separation, revelation, and consecration was set by the Lord Jesus with His disciples. It is our hope that Oak Glen will be used by all ages and that it will increase the blending of the churches in Southern California.
We need to look to the Lord for additional giving to pay the remaining balance of $6,410,000 in the next two years. We are preparing plans for renovation of the gymnasium (to accommodate 500+ for meetings), the addition of bathrooms to the main lodges, and replacement of some of the mobile homes. Continue to pray for the Lord’s wisdom in development of this conference center.

Southern California Chinese-Speaking Gospel Report

Thank you very much for your prayers. We had a very glorious semi-annual Southern California Chinese-speaking gospel at Arcadia on Saturday, December 12. Fifty-two received the Lord (30 new
brothers and 22 new sisters) and were baptized into the Triune God.
The meeting went very well with the Lord’s strong presence. The saints formed prayer group
teams throughout the gospel time from 4 to 6 pm and from 7 to 8:30 pm. The prayers afforded the Lord a way to come in to bless the whole time. The attendance was over 700. Praise the Lord!

Europe and the Refugees

The fields are white, but it is a tremendous price for these refugees to come out of their culture and religion. Please pray that the refugees could not only hear the gospel and be saved, but also that many could have a solid entrance into the building work in the local churches. We are also praying that the Lord would also gain something among the native Germans at this time, to spread His testimony across the leading country of the European Union.
Saturday, December 12 we had fellowship with 70 to 80 saints from the German-speaking countries plus about 40 from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the UK. We felt there was a good response from the German-speaking saints and a oneness and one accord with this burden. We are encouraged by this since they will bear most of the burden in caring for and shepherding these migrants into the church life.
Please continue to remember this move of the Lord in your prayers. We are still before the Lord regarding how we will meet this great need. We appreciate you standing with us.

Arabic Gospel Radio on the Internet

As part of our response to the refugees going to Europe, the recovery began a 24/7 live-streaming Arabic-language gospel radio, http://zblogs.org/radio/hurriatyradio.html. Please pray for this. It is available anywhere in the world, including Arab countries. May much faith be produced in those who hear!

Winter Schools of Truth in Europe

The Winter Schools of Truth will be held simultaneously December 26 to 31 in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Spain.


  1. Morning revival: winter training verses or repeat week 3 of Material Offerings and the Lord’s Move Today. (Hold on to your copy of Material Offerings. We will use it more in the coming months.)
    Beginning December 28 we will use Week 19 in Crystallization-Study of Exodus, vol. 4.