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Winter Training

The winter training takes place this week in Anaheim. The subject is the Crystallization-study of Ezekiel. Please pray that the Lord would infuse all the saints with His up-to-date burden through the live training messages and the webcast and video training in many localities, including Los Angeles. May the Lord advance in His recovery during this week!

Southern California College Students

For the Southern California college age there will be a “Fan into Flame” time to incite one another and pray for one another immediately following this Winter Training. This is for all of the core college students (not students new to church life). It will be Lord’s Day, January 1, 6 to 9 pm in Irvine.

Southern California High School Juniors and Seniors

There will be a special fellowship for high school juniors and seniors. from 9 am, Saturday, January 28 through lunch Lord’s Day, January 29. This will be at Oak Glen Christian Conference Center. Cost is $75. Please register through the serving ones in LA as we do for our other SCYP conferences. Deadline for registration is Lord’s day January 15.

Europe: Winter School of Truth

For this week’s Winter School of Truth in the Netherlands, the Iberian Peninsula and the UK (December 26–31), please pray for:

  • The Lord’s supply of grace to all the serving ones;
  • The openness of the young people to the Lord’s word; and
  • The covering of the transportation and all the practical arrangements at the venue.


  1. Morning revival: Winter Training verses or repeat Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church, week 2.
    Keep your copy of Material Offerings and the Lord’s Move Today; we will use it again next year.
  2. Oak Glen has been very beneficial to the Southern California churches this year. Another payment for its purchase is due this month. As the Lord leads, please put an offering designated for Oak Glen in the
    church offering box.
  3. Winter Training: Due to the large number of registrants, there will be no open meetings in Anaheim
    during the 2016 Winter Training.
  4. The annual Southern California Spanish-speaking Conference will be held in Anaheim from
    January 13–15 at the Ministry Conference Center in Anaheim. Details in English y español are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/.