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Jehovah Says, Ask Me

“Thus says Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel and the One who formed him, Ask Me about the things to come concerning My sons, and concerning the work of My hands, command Me.” Isa. 45:11

Southern California Blending Conference March 14-15

A blending conference for all the churches in Southern California will be March 14-15 in Anaheim.
Saturday: Session 1 is 4:00 – 5:45PM, Break (bring your own dinner), Session 2 is 7:00 – 8:45PM
Lord’s Day: Lord’s Table is 10:00 – 10:30AM, Session 3 is 10:30 – 12:30PM
Translation into Spanish, Chinese, and Korean will be available; bring your own FM radio.
Limited childcare will be provided; details will be announced in a few weeks.

If we isolate and seclude ourselves, we will lose much spiritual profit. Learn to fellowship. Learn to be blended. From now on, the churches should come together frequently to be blended. We may not be used to it, but after we begin to practice blending a few times, we will acquire the taste for it. This is the most helpful thing in the keeping of the oneness of the universal Body of Christ. (The Divine and Mystical Realm, p. 87)

Gospel Trips

The winter GTCA gospel trips (North America) began January 23 and 24 and conclude February 8 or 9. Nearly 100 trainees join visiting and local saints to distribute many of the 15,000 Bibles and ministry books and the 30,000 BfA gospel tracts and brochures recently shipped to these cities.
The international gospel trips are to nations in Asia, Europe, and South America. Four concluded last week or early this week. The European trips end this Thursday. The last four international trips conclude early next week.
Please pray that:

  • The gospel teams and local saints would enjoy a sweet coordination in the one accord.
  • The Lord would arrange many divine appointments during these two weeks and would bring His seeking ones into contact with the gospel teams.
  • The Word of the Lord would run in all these places, reaching the spiritually hungry and thirsty both during and after the trips.
  • Seeking Christians and newly saved people enter into good and continuing connections with local saints.

Gospel Trip Reports

Gospel trip reports (which include some photos) are at http://beseeching.org.


In the book All Ages for the Lord’s Testimony, brother Lee pointed out the importance of the middle-aged saints saying, “In the Lord’s recovery we need a group of experienced ones who have been trained to bear the Lord’s testimony” (p. 13).
The Middle-age Training (FTTA-MA) was established to have a part in discharging such a burden. FTTA-MA offers a multi-language training with schedules designed to meet the needs of this age group.
The spring term begins March 9. A complete description and registration information is at http://www.fttamidage.org. Saints may register for a whole term or as short as one week.


The annual conference in Tennessee will be this weekend. Saints from Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, and perhaps other states will attend. Dick Taylor will be there to give four messages (an extract from the nine in our current morning revival) on Seeing and Experiencing Christ for the Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ. Dick will also have time outside the conference with brothers from various churches. Please pray for the word of the Lord to run, all the saints to be energized to attend, and all the attendees to be blended into one loaf.


  1. Morning revival: week 8 of Vision, Practice, and Building Up
    After week 9 we will use The Vision and Experience of Christ in His Resurrection and Ascension (Thanksgiving conference) and then Exodus. We will finish the 12 weeks of Exodus the day before the summer training, which will be part 2 of Exodus.
  2. The Southern California spring college conference will be March 6 to 8 in Anaheim. All information is at http://www.college-conference.com. There will be hospitality for those attending full time. Early registration deadline is February 22.
  3. The joint meeting of the whole church in Los Angeles will be Lord’s Day, May 3.
  4. The 2015 National College Training will be July 12 to 18. Please visit http://www.collegetraining.org for information and instructions on how to register.
  5. In the past 15 years, the increase in the UK has been mainly due to remaining fruit from the Life-study of the Bible radio broadcast. From its beginning in 2000 it was heard only in the London area; in 2009 coverage was extended to the entire UK population of over 60 million. The broadcast is six days per week. The cost is approximately $15,000 per month. For continuation of the broadcast, saints in the recovery have the opportunity to support it financially through one-time or recurring gifts. Those who would like to give through LME can find instructions at http://www.lordsmove.org/ukradio. Or you can give a gift to the church marked for UK radio.