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“Your Will Be Done, As In Heaven, So Also On Earth”

Today the power of God is limited to our capacity, and it is subject to our will, submission, obedience, and faith. (Week 3 outline, I.A.2)
The Lord is looking for members of His Body who will be fully responsive to Him and in whom the limitations to His will are removed. (Week 3 outline, I.C.2)

Blending in Los Angeles

Saturday, February 23, will be an all L.A. college students’ time at Roxbury Park, hosted by UCLA. Recreation begins at 4 pm, dinner at 6 pm, followed by a meeting.
Lord’s Day morning, February 24 all the L.A. districts will blend by languages for the Table and prophesying. English-speaking and Spanish-speaking at Haskell, Korean-speaking at Hall 1, and Chinese-speaking at Hall 3.

Church in L.A. Family Night

The Church in Los Angeles will have a family night with a love feast, a short time of singing, followed by fun and games for all. All languages are invited, especially parents with young children, and also college students, young people, older and younger, married and single. Time: Saturday night, March 2, 6 to 9 pm at Haskell Hall. Please bring food for yourself and a few others. Pray all will come and join in the fun and fellowship.

Increase in L.A.

“I will be inquired of by the house of Israel [by the church in L.A.] to do it for them; I will increase them with men like a flock.” (Ezek. 36:37) Inquire of the Lord to supply, attract, and shepherd more people so that 1000 are meeting in L.A. by the end of this year.


The spring term of FTTA begins this week. Ask the Lord to be the new beginning to every trainee and to all who are serving there.

FTTP: Full-time Training in Pretoria, South Africa

The newest FTT will begin in Pretoria the first week of March. Pray for a rich supply to the saints there who are preparing spiritually and practically for this training. Pray also for the trainees who are preparing to attend.

Chandigarh, India

Lord’s Day, February 10, the church in Chandigarh enjoyed its first Lord’s Table. We started with sharing concerning the significance of the Table. Following a very full Lord’s Table meeting, the church in Chandigarh also had its first prophesying meeting with mostly local saints sharing their testimonies and specific experiences from the last two weeks. There was a clear sentiment expressed by many concerning the need to take a strong stand for the oneness of the Body in the face of opposition. Afterwards, we sang 1226 “Oh, the church of Christ is glorious” followed spontaneously by all the local saints repeatedly declaring, “We are One” in Hindi.
Thank you for your prayer! About 120 saints were present, 50-60 of whom were local Chandigaris contacted within the two weeks prior to February 10. The brothers agreeing to take the lead to care for the church had a meeting that night. In the following weeks, brothers from nearby localities will be taking turns to visit, shepherd, and perfect the saints there.
Please continue to pray for knitting together, shepherding, and perfecting of the church in Chandigarh. Pray also for the Lord to show them where to meet on Lord’s Days, and for the locals to continue to visit the other positive ones contacted in the past two weeks.


  1. Morning revival: week 3 of Prayer and the Lord’s Move (Thanksgiving conference). Internet sharing from this week’s morning revival is at http://www.agodman.com/blog/enjoyment-from-the-holy-word-for-morning-revival/prayer-and-the-lords-move. The five links under “Week 3” correspond to days 1 to 5 of morning revival.
  2. There will be a perfecting training for parents and those burdened for young people. It will be Saturday, March 2, 9 am to 3 pm in Irvine. Please register before Lord’s Day, February 24 at http://scyp.com and click on “Event Registration.”
  3. The spring college conference will be March 8 to 10 in Anaheim. The initial deadline to register is February 24.