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Southern California Blending Conference March 14-15

The principle of blending is set forth in the Old Testament. There God blended the twelve tribes together as one, and He commanded them to come together three times a year in Jerusalem on Mount Zion (Deut. 16:16). In the blending of the churches we receive nourishment, we receive revelation, and we receive a vision of God’s eternal purpose concerning Christ and the church. Such a blending is not only for our own mutual spiritual benefit but is also for the mutual building up of the Body of Christ.
(1993 Blending Conference Messages concerning the Lord’s Recovery and Our Present Need, chap. 2, sec. 6)

The conference announcement letter in four languages is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.

Child Care for Southern California Conference

Saturday, March 14

  • Children’s service will be provided in Anaheim for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade.
  • Please register all children no later than Lord’s Day, March 1 at http://tinyurl.com/childrenregistration
  • Parents may supervise infants, toddlers and pre-K ages in an overflow room with a live audio/video conference feed. No children should be left unattended.

Lord’s Day, March 15

  • No children’s service in Anaheim this day.
  • Parents may supervise children of any age in an overflow room with a live audio/video conference feed. No children should be left unattended.
  • We encourage all to attend the conference, but those who cannot get to Anaheim may meet at Haskell where there will be meetings for both adults and children (no meetings this day at other halls in L.A.).

Southern California Young People’s Blending Meeting

We thank the Lord for last month’s Young People’s Blending Conference where 610 young people and serving ones gathered together to enjoy The Purpose and Vision of God’s Calling. The Lord’s blessing is surely on the blending! So we look forward to this upcoming one-day meeting for further blending and enjoyment of the Lord together. This blending will be in Arcadia on February 28th, 7 to 9 PM.

Get into the Bible through the Life-Studies

We do not replace the Bible by anything, even by using the Life-studies. Rather, I must say honestly, and you have to admit the fact, no book ushers us into the Bible as the Life-studies do. Anyone can prove and can testify how much we love the Bible, how much we pay our attention to the Bible, and how much we get ourselves into the Bible through the study of the Life-studies. (W. Lee, The Divine Speaking, chap. 5, sec. 2)
We should encourage those who are reading a Life-study or other ministry to continue. For those who are not reading the ministry, we encourage each one to get a companion and to begin reading of Life-study of Exodus. A schedule which begins March 1 is posted at www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/.

Milan, Italy

Please ask the Lord for:

  • a bigger meeting place to accommodate the increasing number of the saints and children;
  • an adequate apartment near the university to hold a college meeting and shepherd new ones:
  • a way for seeking ones to get to trainings and conferences to see the vision of the recovery.

Czech Republic and Scotland

Brief reports of the seminars in these nations are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.


Encouraging reports from Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan are at
http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/E-2015-02.pdf (English) and http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Asia-2015-02.pdf (Chinese).


  1. Morning revival: week 2 of The Vision and Experience of Christ in His Resurrection and Ascension (Thanksgiving conference).
  2. The Southern California high school conferences will be March 13 to 15. Registration is due March 1.
  3. In hopes to continue advancing corporately in our care for the next generation we are happy to announce the next young people’s serving ones training on March 21st, 9 am to 3 pm, at the church in Cerritos meeting hall. Register by March 15. There will be translation into Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.
  4. The joint meeting of the whole church in Los Angeles will be Lord’s Day, May 3.
  5. The 2015 National College Training will be July 12 to 18. Please visit http://www.collegetraining.org for information and instructions on how to register.
  6. In the past 15 years, the increase in the UK has been mainly due to remaining fruit from the Life-study of the Bible radio broadcast. From its beginning in 2000 it was heard only in the London area; in 2009 coverage was extended to the entire UK population of over 60 million. The broadcast is six days per week. The cost is approximately $15,000 per month. For continuation of the broadcast, saints in the recovery have the opportunity to support it financially through one-time or recurring gifts. Those who would like to give through LME can find instructions at http://www.lordsmove.org/ukradio. Or you can give a gift to the church marked for UK radio.