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In Prayer God and Man Are Mingled Together

(morning revival outline I.B.3)
“Elijah was a man of like feeling with us, and he 1earnestly prayed that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months.” (James 5:17)
note 1: Lit., prayed in prayer. This indicates that a prayer from the Lord was given to Elijah, in which he prayed. He did not pray in his feeling, thought, intention, or mood, or in any kind of motivation, arising from circumstances or situations, to fulfill his own purpose. He prayed in the prayer given to him by the Lord for the accomplishing of His will.

FTTA Gospel Trip Reports

A typical day for a team is morning enjoyment and coordination with whatever local saints are available, mid day and afternoon contacting people, and evenings in homes.

North America: much of the time is on college campuses contacting the students, distributing NTs, and inviting students to Bible studies on campus and in homes.
Prayer: ask the Lord to establish many students in a house-to-house church life with enjoyment in the Bible. Also ask Him to open more homes in the cities where there are not enough homes.

Europe: in the UK team members make many calls to prior NT recipients to set up and have appointments with them; there is also some distribution of NTs. In other nations the focus is distribution of NTs and repeated contact with recipients. In all places there is also a burden for blending with local saints.
Prayer: Lord, bring so many NT recipients into appreciation of Your Word and the footnotes. Lord, supply the local saints richly and through them shepherd the recipients gradually into the church life.

South Africa: the team has been contacting students on campus and also meeting with community saints, many of whom have been meeting less that two years.
Prayer: ask the Lord to continue contact with the students, to grant the community saints much mutual encouragement, and to bring students into community homes for enjoyment of Himself together.

India: more than 250 people have prayed with us to receive the Lord, yet follow-up and visitation has not been easy. We (FTTA and FTT New Delhi trainees with local saints) are refocusing to homes and families that can stand as the church here in Chandigarh.
Prayer: that the Lord would get into the homes and get connected to the families we are currently caring for, and that He would release at least 10 families to stand as the church in Chandigarh with 5 brothers burdened to bear responsibility.

South America: time is used for literature distribution and gospel preaching. We are also burdened for the young people and young adults meeting here and spend time with them so that they can become vital companions and go on in a solid way.
Prayer: for the Lord to strengthen all the young saints here, and to encourage all the saints to participate in the follow-up contacting of newly saved people and literature recipients.

All: links to daily detailed reports are at http://beseeching.org.

International Chinese-Speaking Conference

This conference is the first of our seven feasts each year. The messages will be in Chinese but we all need to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The conference will be in Anaheim Friday evening, February 15 through Lord’s Day morning, February 17. There will be translation by radio into English, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.


  1. Morning revival: week 1 of Prayer and the Lord’s Move (Thanksgiving conference). Internet sharing from this week’s morning revival is at http://www.agodman.com/blog/enjoyment-from-the-holy-word-for-morning-revival/prayer-and-the-lords-move/. The five links under “Week 1” are days 1 to 5 of morning revival.
  2. The spring college conference is March 8 to 10 in Anaheim. The initial deadline to register is February 24.
  3. The Spring 2013 Russian-speaking conference will be April 5 to 7 in Sacramento. Registration deadline is March 24. Invitation letters (English and русский) are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.