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Southern California Blending Conference March 14-15

A blending conference for all the churches in Southern California will be March 14-15 in Anaheim.
The announcement letter in four languages is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.

Even among us who are in the recovery, not many have the realization that we need the blending, and we need it desperately. The heavy burden in the ministry that is on my heart and in my spirit is the matter of blending. (The Practical Points Concerning Blending, p. 14)
There will be schedule conflicts for some of us that weekend but let us ask the Lord to work in us so that everyone who can get to this conference will get to it.

Gospel Trips

The winter gospel trips were all concluded by Monday of this week. Please pray that:

  • the encouragement and supply to saints in all the places visited will remain with them;
  • the Word of the Lord continue to operate in all who met the saints and in all who received literature;
  • all who received literature open to it and read it daily;
  • seeking Christians and new believers enter into good and continuing connections with local saints.

Gospel Trip Reports (with photos)


Our first seminar was held in Edinburgh 8 February. Additional seminars will be in Stirling (15 February), Glasgow (22 February and 1 March), and Edinburgh (1 March). The general subject will be “Changing Death into Life.” Please pray that the Lord will bless all the contacting of the Bible recipients, radio listeners, and Rhema readers and use these seminars to gather the called ones in Scotland for the building up of His Body.

Prague, Czech Republic

Our first seminar was held on Saturday, January 17, in Prague. The saints were so encouraged and touched by the prayer support of the whole Body. The coordination before and during the seminar among the local saints was unprecedented. Six new ones and 21 saints attended. Three brothers shared on “The Basic Elements of the Christian Life,” and then we enjoyed the Scripture reading and the ministry excerpts in two groups. The atmosphere was very sweet with all attendants participating and enjoying the Word with the help of the ministry.
Please pray for our next seminar on “The Economy of the Triune God,” on Saturday, February 14. We hope that the new contacts will come again and that this time we will be able to invite Rhema recipients, so that even more new ones will attend.


  1. Morning revival: week 9 of Vision, Practice, and Building Up
    Next week we will begin The Vision and Experience of Christ in His Resurrection and Ascension (Thanksgiving conference) and after that we will use Exodus.
  2. The Southern California spring college conference will be March 6 to 8 in Anaheim. All information is at http://www.college-conference.com. There will be hospitality for those attending full time. Early registration deadline is February 22.
  3. The joint meeting of the whole church in Los Angeles will be Lord’s Day, May 3.
  4. The 2015 National College Training will be July 12 to 18. Please visit http://www.collegetraining.org for information and instructions on how to register.