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The Mending Ministry of Life

Lord, flow richly in every part of Los Angeles to fix, restore, perfect, complete, adjust, equip, and attune us so that we might shepherd many others in life and be built up together to be Your organic Body.


USC begins spring semester classes this week. Please pray strongly that:

  1. The Lord would build the student core together as a strong net to catch many fish, especially freshmen newly admitted for this semester.
  2. Many of the newer and younger students would rise up and participate in catching fish at USC.
  3. The Lord would continue to gather brand new ones to our campus ministry meeting and bless us with the fresh speaking of His words of life.
  4. College students could also function in shepherding the young people and those in the high school and junior high Bible clubs in the downtown area.

So. Calif. Spanish-Speaking and Young People’s Conferences

A conference for the Spanish-speaking saints in Southern California will be January 17 to 18 in Anaheim. Messages will be given in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish and the meetings are open to all the saints. Lord’s Day, January 19 will be overflow meetings in multiple churches near Anaheim. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
January 17 to 18 there will be a Young People’s Conference in Anaheim at the same time as the Spanish-speaking meetings. To register, go to http://scyp.com and click on “Event Registration.”

FTTA Gospel Trips

The international FTTA gospel trips will be January 16 to 30; twelve teams will go to Europe, visiting 18 nations; one team will go to South Africa. At the end of January, 14 teams will go on trips within the U.S., visiting 18 cities. About 225 FTTA trainees, about 20 middle-age trainees, and some serving saints will participate in these trips.
Please pray for:

  • rich experiences of Christ in the living and serving of everyone who participates;
  • testimonies which will encourage other saints to join full time trainings;
  • much blending and good coordination of the visitors and local saints;
  • the Lord’s blessing on the gospel and announcing of the truth.

Ministry Distributions and Shepherding in Europe

Please pray for:

  • radio broadcasts in the UK and Spain;
  • distribution of the NT Recovery Version and other free publications in the European languages;
  • shepherding of the seeking ones and their entering into the church life.


Please pray for:

  1. the one week propagation in the city of Karachi, January 14-21;
  2. the serving one’s training in the city of Islamabad, January 23-25;
  3. the search for a meeting hall in the city of Lahore;
  4. early completion of translation and proofreading of the Crystallization-study of Genesis


  1. Pray for the Bible-study groups and gospel preaching in the University of Zambia;
  2. Pray for the gaining of local families.


  1. Morning revival: week 2 of The Mending Ministry of John (Thanksgiving conference).
  2. Gifts marked for Philippines relief may be given to the church or to Lord’s Move to Europe.