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The Priesthood

To be a priest is not mainly to do something for the Lord but to be taken over by Him; the main function of a priest is not to work but to spend time in the presence of the Lord until he is one with Him in spirit. (based on outline points for Exodus message 12)
Lord, recover a body of priests, a priesthood, in Your presence and taken over by You.

Southern California Spanish-Speaking and YP Conferences

The Southern California Spanish-speaking conference is January 23 to 25. Simultaneously there is a Southern California young people’s conference. Both will be in the MCC in Anaheim. Meetings will be Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night, and Lord’s Day morning.
Ask the Lord to encourage many saints to attend both conferences, and pray that all are open to the word spoken and to the flow of the Spirit.

Gospelize, Truthize, Churchize America (GTCA)

Fourteen teams of FTTA saints and serving ones will depart later this week to various locations in North America. They will coordinate with local saints in the continuing burden to gospelize, truthize, and churchize North America. This coordination is for preaching the gospel, shepherding new and young believers, and giving away free BfA materials. There will also be mutual encouragement among the visiting and visited saints.
Please pray for the coordination and blending of the gospel teams and local saints in these cities. Pray also that the Lord would work in the environment outwardly and in people’s hearts inwardly to connect His seekers to the saints during these gospel trips.

Gospel Trips to Europe

Approximately 80 FTTA trainees plus serving ones from the USA and the UK will visit 16 countries, January 22 to February 5. Please pray for:

  • The Lord’s covering over all the travel and the practical arrangements
  • The blending and coordination of the trainees with the saints and full-timers in Europe
  • The gaining of many local seekers for the Lord’s testimony throughout Europe

Gospel Trip Reports (which include some photos) are being posted at http://beseeching.org.

Summer School of Truth

The South America summer school of truth is this week in Brazil. An FTTA gospel team left late last week for Brazil to participate. Lord, gain many young people for Your move in South America.

Thessaloniki, Greece

We have been in Thessaloniki for five months and are marveling at the Lord’s operation in this city. Since we moved, we have had nearly daily meetings with our contacts. They are becoming more clear concerning the daily Christian life and God’s economy.
In addition, we have participated in conferences with our neighboring countries—Bulgaria and Cyprus. These were a crucial source of supply to the saints in these small and isolated localities. More of the report from Thessaloniki is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer. Please pray for:

  • An increase in the appetite for the ministry among our contacts here, as well as their seeing the vision concerning God’s purpose
  • The continued traffic between the nearby localities and the visits of overseas saints to Thessaloniki
  • The gaining of young, English-speaking Greeks
  • The release of our three-year residence permit


The saints in Turkey joyfully report their contact with a group of Christians who do not belong to any denomination and do not take any name for themselves. They simply call themselves the church in their city. They receive all genuine believers and practice home meetings, in which everyone speaks for the Lord. The saints in Turkey are burdened to bring this group into the unique fellowship of the universal Body of Christ and the riches of the ministry of the age.
More about Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Nepal are at http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/E-2015-01.pdf (English), and http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Asia-2015-01.pdf (Chinese).


  1. Morning revival: week 6 of Vision, Practice, and Building Up
    After week 9 we will use The Vision and Experience of Christ in His Resurrection and Ascension (Thanksgiving conference) and then Exodus. We will finish the 12 weeks of Exodus the day before the summer training, which will be part 2 of Exodus.
  2. The Southern California Spanish Speaking Conference will be January 23 to 25 in Anaheim. There will also be children’s meetings. Información en español and English is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  3. The Southern California Young People’s Blending Conference will be January 23 to 25 in Anaheim, concurrent with the Spanish-Speaking Conference. Register at http://www.scyp.com/event-registration. Registration deadline is January 18.
  4. The 2015 National College Training will be July 12 to 18. Please visit http://www.collegetraining.org for information and instructions on how to register.