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Our Father, Your Will be Done, as in Heaven, so also on Earth.

God has a will for everything. Yet God does not act independently; He will not do anything by Himself. Even though God has a will, He wants the free will on earth to echo His will before He does anything. If there is only a will in heaven, God will not move. The heavenly move is accomplished on earth only when the earth wants the same thing as heaven….The ministry of the church is to bring the will in heaven to earth. How does the church bring the will in heaven to earth? It is by prayer on earth….Prayer is the church knowing God’s heart and opening its mouth to ask for what is in God’s heart. If the church does not do this, it does not have much use on earth. (The Prayer Ministry of the Church, ch. 1, by Watchman Nee)

Gospel Trips

Three gospel trips to Asia conclude this Monday. More than 30 others in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia continue into February. Pray for the mutual blending of the traveling saints with the local saints, salvation of unbelievers, distribution and reading of literature, a vision of the recovery to Christians, and increase in the churches.

Gospel Trip Reports

Gospel trip reports (which include some photos) are posted at http://beseeching.org.


The FTTA term beings February 16. The purpose of the training is

  • to build up the trainees in Christ in the growth of His life unto maturity.
  • to equip the trainees with the divine truths according to the Scriptures by the revelation of the Spirit.
  • to raise up the trainees in their spiritual capacity in preaching the gospel, nourishing young believers, perfecting of the saints, and prophesying for the building up of Body of Christ.

Lord, bring many trainees this term and build up, equip, and raise up each one for Your move. More information is at http://ftta.org.


The first Lord’s Table meeting in the cities of Jalandhar, Fridabad, Kunool, and Thane was last Lord’s Day. (An FTTA gospel team including two LA-related members joined other trainees and local saints for two weeks in Jalandhar in preparation for raising up of this church.) Ask the Lord for a good continuation with growth in life and increase in numbers in each city.
Churches in India have a national blending time this weekend, January 31 and February 1.


  1. Morning revival: week 7 of Vision, Practice, and Building Up
    After week 9 we will use The Vision and Experience of Christ in His Resurrection and Ascension (Thanksgiving conference) and then Exodus. We will finish the 12 weeks of Exodus the day before the summer training (part 2 of Exodus).
  2. The 2015 National College Training will be July 12 to 18. Please visit http://www.collegetraining.org for information and instructions on how to register.
    In the past fifteen years, the increase we have seen in the UK has been mainly due to remaining fruit from the Life-study of the Bible radio broadcast. From its beginning in 2000 it was heard only in the London area; in 2009 coverage was extended to the entire UK population of over 60 million. The broadcast is six days per week. The cost is approximately $15,000 per month. For continuation of the broadcast, saints in the recovery have the opportunity to support it financially through one-time or recurring gifts. Those who would like to give through LME can find instructions at http://www.lordsmove.org/ukradio. Or you can give a gift to the church marked for UK radio.