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Lord, Build Up !

What the Lord wants and will build up is Zion, the overcomers. (week 4, I.B)
Lord, grant us more revelation of Yourself, more of an ear to hear what the Spirit says, more eating of the tree of life, more building up of Zion.

FTTA Gospel Trips

The international trips are in their last few days. The national trips continue through next week. Many universities are being visited, much literature is being distributed, many people contacted, some received the Lord, some lingered for extended conversation, a few new ones came to homes for dinner, and much blending in various homes day by day.
In general, pray for contacts to remain open, and for the Lord’s shepherding through many local saints to result in remaining fruit for the building of the Body.
Detailed reports, photos, and prayer requests are at http://beseeching.org. A few excerpts are below the announcements.

FTT Paraguay

The spring term of FTT in Caacupé, Paraguay begins February 3. There are 27 returning trainees from four nations plus 20 new trainees from nine nations. Another 35 from seven nations will attend for one to three weeks in February. Please pray for

  • the door to be fully open for each trainee to attend, including sufficient finances;
  • the training to be full of the rich flow of the Lord’s speaking.


  1. Morning revival: week 4 of The Mending Ministry of John (Thanksgiving conference).
  2. Gifts marked for Philippines relief may be given to the church or to Lord’s Move to Europe.
  3. There will be a Chinese-speaking tour of Israel and Jordan March 24 to April 3. Saints must have a US or Canadian passport to apply. Details are at http://ourisraeltour.com/chineseusa2014.
  4. There will be a Russian-speaking conference March 28 to 30 in Sacramento. Information in English and Russian is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  5. There will be a Conference and Tour in Israel May 8 to 18 in English, Spanish, and Russian. Information in English and Spanish is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.

Brief Parts of Reports and Prayer Requests from FTTA Gospel Trips

Edinburgh, Scotland

Wednesday we set up our tables in the University of Edinburgh. After an hour and a half of distribution, 35 students received the Recovery Version. On Thursday, we distributed 42 Bibles in the city center, 21 of which are open for further contact. On Thursday night, we had a love feast and a Bible study with the students. We delved into John 6 together and read the footnotes. Their overflow afterwards concerning the Lord being our living Bread and becoming the indwelling Spirit richly supplied all of us.
Prayer: that the Lord continues to open the hearts of local Scottish students to the word of God, and that He would bless our further distributions and appointments.

Fort Myers, Florida

We arrived last Thursday and had a welcome dinner and corporate blending time with the local saints here. It was very encouraging to hear their testimonies about the Lord’s move here. Quite a few families have moved here in the last four years, and it seems to be very organic and under the Lord’s blessing. The saints here are very burdened for simply enjoying the one Christ and the oneness of the Body.
Prayer: that the Lord continue to bless us with the one accord among the trainees/visiting saints and the local saints, and to draw out hungry and seeking ones when we pass out Bibles.

Paris, France

Our gospel activities in Paris concluded (we moved on to Lyon) with 131 Bibles distributed and 98 warm contacts. The saints, especially the full-time serving ones in Paris, have deeply impressed us with their absoluteness for the Lord and their living. Paris might not be the easiest place to live in; yet it is a frontier for us to make it as overcomers for the Lord. The saints here have demonstrated what abiding in the Lord is and how everything is yours when you are His.
Pray for the follow-up on the Bible recipients.

Berlin, Germany

Each day last week in Berlin has been more encouraging than the day before! We distributed Bibles during the day on universities and city plazas. In the evenings we visit with the saints, hearing their testimonies, singing and enjoying simply being with the saints.
Prayer: that those who received the Bible would read their Bibles and that others would order online.


We then distributed Bibles at a university in Timisoara. Two local high school students joined us. Our experience in the distribution today reaffirmed how open the students are in Romania. In 70 minutes, we handed out all 91 Bibles we had brought with us.
Pray for the Bible seminars we are having in several cities in Romania.


Every evening in Lausanne we have blending with different saints in the neighboring areas, enjoying the normal church life and spending time in the homes of the families. This past week we have also had two Bible Distributions in Geneva and Neuchatel. In one hour in Geneva we passed out 25-30 French New Testaments; in Neuchatel we passed out 10-15 in under an hour and had several positive contacts.
Pray for the four new local students who attended the home meeting on Thursday, that the Lord would keep them and they would enter in and remain in the church life in Lausanne. Pray for the Bible distributions and the seeds planted in the local Swiss people during the week.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Praise the Lord for the Lord’s testimony in Bristol. There are three families here. The saints are laboring at the University of Bristol. During our time here, we had an enjoyable time distributing free Bibles at the University in spite of the rain.
Pray for our time of blending with the saints and students in Bristol and Exeter. Please pray for the 96 contacts who received gospel tracts and for the 6 Bible recipients; one recipient was very open to further contact.


We took a 5 hour bus ride to another city. This is the first time a team has been sent to this city, and they were very happy to have us. There are about 65 saints meeting consistently in this locality. Last night, we met with about 12 saints to talk about the burden that they have for us being here. The saints here are entering into the Experience, Growth, and Ministry of Life for the Body morning revival.
Please pray for the young people to have real experiences of the Lord. The saints in this locality are heavily burdened for the young people.