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Keeping the Lord’s Word

Revelation 3:8 says, “I have put before you an opened door which no one can shut, because you have a little power and have kept My word and have not denied My name.”
One outstanding feature of the church in Philadelphia is that she keeps the Lord’s word. The church in Philadelphia, the recovered church, does not care for tradition; she cares for the word of God (cf. Matt. 15:6b). Furthermore, the church in Philadelphia keeps the Lord’s word with the little power that she has. What pleases the Lord is not that we are strong but that we use our little power to do the best we can. (HWMR Orthodoxy, Week 7 Outline, IV.B,C)

Burden for Truth Constitution

“I have made an attempt to open every book of the New Testament to you, but I have left the further digging to you… The basic truths have been presented to us, and much life nourishment has been put into print, especially with the Life-study messages. Also, the obstacles have nearly all been removed. We now have a clear way for our study, and every book is open to us. In mining, the hardest thing is to open the mine. Once the mine has been opened and the treasure is exposed, it is easy for someone to dig out the treasures. I have left only this one matter of further digging to you. I believe the Lord will continue this digging work either through you or through some others. After a period of time I believe that many of you will be ‘good diggers.’ The intention and the goal of our publishing of the Life-study messages is to open up the mine for you to go in and dig.” (W. Lee, Elder’s Training, Book 3, Ch. 9)
As the church in Los Angeles continues to pray for 15% increase, please also pray for the corresponding increase in our endeavoring to be constituted with the truth so the saints will have the riches with which to shepherd the new and younger ones. Both the word and the number of believers should grow in parallel in Los Angeles, just like it did with the church in Jerusalem: “And the word of God grew, and the number of the disciples in Jerusalem multiplied greatly” (Acts 6:7).

Venice High School

Our young people’s Bible club at Venice High School will be participating in a club expo this Thursday, February 2. The expo is a way to expose all the students to the different clubs available to them at school. Since the 2015-2016 school year, the club has grown from 5 to about 8-9 students meeting on a weekly basis. Please pray:

  • That Christ would be magnified in the young people, and that the Lord would be their boldness in the opening of their mouths during this event;
  • That they would have good coordination, like the four living creatures, before and during the expo;
  • That the Lord would release and draw the seeking ones to the table, and many seeds of the gospel
    would be sown; and
  • That the club would gain some remaining fruit during this final school quarter.


Over the past few months, the situation in Bangladesh has been chaotic. We faced social upheaval and unrest caused by the terrorist activities, but we also experienced the inward strengthening and leading by the Lord as He brought us onward. Apparently, the spread of the gospel was hindered; actually, the Lord’s work became more intrinsic and subjective. The divine life continued to flow forth unhindered.
More about this and about the Lord’s Move in Turkey is at
http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/E-2017-01.pdf (English)
http://lmasia.org/temp/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Asia-2017-01.pdf (Chinese)

FTTA Gospel Trips (340 Saints, 42 Teams, 21 Countries, 4 Continents)

Below are some selected reports from the gospel trips currently taking place around the world. Europe and South Africa trips are January 19 to February 6; North America trips are January 27/28 to February 11/12/13. Ongoing reports, photos, and prayer burdens are posted at http://beseeching.org.


We carried out a targeted door-knocking: using data from past distributions and radio call-ins, we
went to meet, in their own home, those who have received some form of the ministry in the past. It was a joy to see faces light up when they realized who we were. One young woman who received a Recovery Version NT at the Olympic Bible distribution a few years back immediately asked for an Old Testament.


The church in Uppsala is small—13 saints meeting together since 2012. The University of Uppsala
has 40,000 students. The saints shared how they are burdened for all the local saints to participate in Bible distribution on Lord’s day afternoon. Today we gave out 36 tracts, 3 NTs (one recipient wanted further contact), and one prayed to receive the Lord. Please ask the Lord to release the city permits in Uppsala for the Bible distribution for Lord’s Day afternoons and that all the saints would be released to join this time.

Highlights from Europe

  • Our time has not been a time of much outward work or activity, but a time of blending in the Body.
  • We went to the university to sing and preach the gospel right outside the main buildings. As we were
    singing, we realized that it didn’t matter what language we were singing, but spirit touches spirit.
  • We met a brother who was gained from a prior FTTA gospel trip, and he is now serving in the church.
  • As we distributed Bibles, we played over loudspeaker the radio broadcasts from the Life-Study of
    . This afternoon, in the city center, hundreds of passers-by heard that “the heavens are for
    the earth, the earth is for man, and man is for God.”
  • Saturday we had some opportunity to sight see in which we made our way to Philippi and were able to
    see a road the apostle Paul might have taken toward to get to Thessaloniki.
  • A brother testified, “The ministry is the best thing that happened to us.” These saints, most of them
    over 80 years old, were gained through the radio broadcast, and since then have been pursuing the truth diligently. They come together every Saturday afternoon and for about three hours listen to and study messages from recent trainings or ministry meetings.

Highlights from South America

  • As we are nearing the end of the Summer School of Truth, many young people have been inscribed into our hearts. Times in the small groups have been very sweet despite the language barrier.
  • We had a time for four trainees from Anaheim and three from Paraguay to share their testimonies to all 460 young people and college students in the SSOT. Because of their experience here, 110 young people and college students consecrated themselves to go to the FTT. Praise the Lord!

Highlights from South Africa

  • During lunch hour, a sister who works in the dorm cafeteria brings us into the dining hall. She told the
    residents she has American friends she wants them to meet. We have been eating there ever since.


  1. Morning revival: Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church, week 7. After week 9 we will begin The Direction of the Lord’s Move Today (Thanksgiving Conference).
  2. A Special Conference will take place February 17–19, 2017 in Anaheim. All saints are strongly encouraged to attend this feast. Children’s service will be provided for grades K–6, but pre-registration is required by February 5. Visit http://specialconf2017.org.