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Maturity for Image and Dominion

Pray for the operation of the Lord to follow His speaking in the recent summer training, that the word released will operate in all the churches

  • to bring us on to maturity for the overflow of life in blessing others and for our reigning in life
  • for the building up of God’s house and kingdom on this earth.

Summer School of Truth

The Summer School of Truth in Los Angeles will be July 18 through 26. Meals will be in districts; meetings will be in hall 5. Sign up at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/ssot.
This summer we seek to learn, to appreciate, and to enter the enjoyment of God’s full salvation. We also pray for increase in the involvement of more parents and for increase participation of our young people in a continuing, vital, house-to-house church life, both in their own homes and in other homes. Please pray for this.

Midwest and East Coast College Trainings

The midwest and east coast trainings are July 14-20. The topic this year is “The Humanity of Jesus.” Please pray:

  1. For the Lord to speak a sanctifying word so that the students could have a proper humanity;
  2. For the students’ learning personal time with the Lord, blending with each other, and picking up a burden for sinners’ salvation;
  3. For every student to consecrate themselves fully to the Lord;
  4. For health, safe travel, and binding of the enemy’s attempts to distract students.

Nordic Conference

The annual Nordic nations’ conference will be July 18 to 20 in Uppsala, Sweden. It will be followed by a brothers’ fellowship July 20 to 21. Please pray:

  • For the gathering of the saints and the release of the Lord’s enlightening and life-giving word through the ministering brothers.
  • For the perfecting of the brothers so that the church life may uplifted and the churches built up.


This month there is intensified gospel propagation in the city of Pakse, the second largest city in the nation. Lord’s Day, July 27 will be the first meeting of the church in Pakse.


  1. Morning revival: week 1 of The Heavenly Vision (Memorial Day conference).
  2. Next year there will be one national summer college training for the whole U.S. Information and a brief video are at http://collegetraining.org/2015.