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Summer Training

Please remember the live training this week, July 4–9, in Anaheim, as well as the webcast and video training in many localities. Pray for the saints’ hearing, receiving, and digesting of the Lord’s up-to-date speaking, not only during the meetings but even in study sessions and dinner-time fellowships. May the Lord infuse His recovery with His burden from the book of Exodus!

College Trainings

The West Coast South and Northwest College trainings will be July 11-17 at Oak Glen and close to Seattle, respectively. We expect about 320 saints at Oak Glen, and 150 in Washington. The title of the training is “The Revelation of the Mystery.” Please pray for these times that:
1) the Lord would grant each one a vision of His economy;
2) the students would experience much perfecting in the exercise of the spirit and the carrying out of the
God-ordained way;
3) all those serving would continue steadfastly in one accord;
4) the Lord would personally shepherd each trainee, in particular each of the newly graduated high
school seniors, so that they consecrate their college years fully to the Lord.

The Church in Rohnert Park, California

Last month, the Church in Rohnert Park took the ground! The saints in Marin county and Sonoma county are meeting together every Lord’s Day as the Church in Rohnert Park. This is the first church in North Bay (Bay Area north of San Francisco), and it is the location of Sonoma State University. We are about 20–30 total, including children.


Hebrews 12:26-27 speaks of the shaking of earthly things. Verse 28 says, “Therefore receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us have grace…”
On June 23 the citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. This has caused political, economic, and social uncertainty in the UK and in Europe. Europe is shakable! Please pray that:

  • the heavens will continue to rule over the entire situation.
  • the uncertainties will open many to the gospel, and that all who have received will “have grace.”
  • the negotiation of the UK’s exit from the EU (a two year process which will begin at an uncertain time) will be favorable to the Lord’s move in Europe.

Lyon, France

A group of saints started to meet in mid June to plan campus gospel activities for the school year which starts mid September. We are praying together and fellowshipping weekly all the details and started to translate several gospel tracts from English to French. This planning is carried out not only by the core brothers and sisters but also by some zealous students who are living and active. Through our endeavoring in one accord, we desperately hope that the Lord will add more native French to us as
remaining fruits.


  1. Morning revival: summer training verses or repeat week 36.
    Monday, July 11, we will begin The Increase of Christ (Memorial Day Conference).
  2. Summer Training—No Open Meetings: Due to a full capacity at the Ministry Conference Center, there will be no open meetings during this week’s live training in Anaheim.
  3. The L.A. Summer School of Truth will be on the Two Spirits; the dates are July 22 to 30. Schedule and registration are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/ssot/.
  4. The Lord’s move in Germany:
    Reports are on a public Facebook page Germany Update http://facebook.com/germanyupdate.
    Giving for the Gospel Work in Europe instructions are at http://www.lordsmove.org/information.html.