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The Heavenly Vision

This vision is not a doctrine, a theory, a religious creed, or any theology, but a heavenly vision, in which the apostle saw the divine things concerning the dispensing of the Triune God into His chosen, redeemed, and transformed people. (Acts 26:19, footnote)
Lord, grant each of us more seeing of this vision and more receiving of Your divine dispensing.


This week Lord’s Day through Thursday Dick Taylor and James Lee are in Perth with the church and campus team. Thursday through next Tuesday they, along with Craig Birchler from Irvine, are in Adelaide for a re-speaking of ITERO messages on New Jerusalem spoken in Anaheim in April.


The annual conference is June 7 to 9. Over 200 attendants are expected from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The general subject of the conference will be The Mending Ministry of John (2013 Thanksgiving Conference). Please pray that:

  • The Lord will release the speaking of the word on the mending ministry of life.
  • The new ones will see a vision of the ministry of life and be captured to take this way.
  • The Lord will carry out the mending ministry of life among the churches in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to mend the net and complete the building.


Our political situation: the Hindu nationalist party gained an historic win in the national election, promising widespread changes across the new government. Pray that the Lord would head up the political situation, preserve religious freedom, and open an environment for the gospel and His move in India.
Our burden: pray that all the churches will pick up the burden to (i) stir up the saints to go at least two hours in a week to contact the gentiles in vital groups; (ii) take care of the children, young people, college students and the young working saints in the church life, who are the future and backbone of the church.


  1. Morning revival: Week 2 of The Intrinsic Significance of the Church.
  2. The Summer School of Truth in Los Angeles will be July 18 through 26.
  3. Donations for the FTTA relocation/enlargement may be given to the church, designated for “FTTA Training Center.” Details are in the Information section of http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.