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Summer Training

The summer training, our third in Genesis, is next week (June 30 to July 5). May the Lord bring us onward in transformation, maturing in life to the full stature of Christ, and reigning in life.

College Trainings

About 50 saints from various parts in L.A. will be attending the west coast college trainings July 7-13 at Engedi and Occidental, California. The midwest and east coast trainings are July 14-20. Our topic this year is “The Humanity of Jesus.” In particular, please pray:

  1. For the Lord to speak a sanctifying and preserving word so that the students could have a proper humanity for God’s building;
  2. For the students’ learning to spend personal time with the Lord, blending with each other, and picking up a burden for sinners’ salvation;
  3. For every student, especially the incoming college freshmen, to have the Lord’s personal appearing and to consecrate themselves fully to the Lord;
  4. For health, safe travel, and the binding of the enemy’s attempts to frustrate and/or distract students from attending the whole time and being focused completely on the Lord.

Spreading in Ventura County

The home meetings of the church in Thousand Oaks have increased in number as well as in the number of saints in each home meeting. We are spreading organically from Thousand Oaks into other cities to take care of the neighborhood needs.

  1. Oxnard – a couple opened their home. Occasionally the couple’s Christian friends and another brother come together. Lately this meeting has become more regular. More saints jointed this meeting (in English). Almost every Thursday, we have a home meeting at the couple’s house.
  2. Moorpark – six months ago, a couple came back to the church life. They are zealous for the gospel. With the campus work at Moorpark College, the Lord stirred up the spirit of the saints. We started a home meeting four weeks ago (in English).
  3. Simi Valley – saints there have the burden to labor on CLU. After our 8-week vital group training, saints started a home meeting focus on CLU campus. One new one has been baptized and added to the church life. Meetings are in Chinese.
  4. Camarillo – in 2008 a couple in Camarillo got saved and they are very burdened for the gospel. They opened their home for meetings. Through the years we held the meeting in English with mostly Chinese saints. We have contacted many English-speaking Christians and brought some into the church life.
  5. Oak Park (Thousand Oaks north) – many young couples live there and are making contacts with neighbors. We have a Chinese-speaking home meeting. One saint’s parent got baptized recently. Two new families are being contacted and shepherded.
  6. Thousand Oaks – We have two home meeting on Friday nights, one in English and one in Chinese. Thursday morning, we have sisters’ meeting in Chinese. Recently, two Chinese-speaking saints got baptized. They are from the care of the sisters’ meeting and Chinese-speaking home meeting.

Please pray, asking the Lord to:

  1. add new people to each home meeting.
  2. raise up saints to do the shepherding. The field is white indeed. Lord thrust out laborers!
  3. open more homes.

Australia & New Zealand

Dick Taylor travels from Australia to New Zealand on Tuesday. He will be at the New Zealand FTT until Friday. Friday night through Lord’s Day noon he will be in Auckland for the national college and young people’s conference. He will return home Lord’s Day, June 29, and be in the summer training the next day.

Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

The saints from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria gathered for their annual conference June 7 to 9. Over 300 saints attended from these three countries, as well as many from abroad. We appreciate the prayers from the churches and believe that the Lord did much more than what we can ask or think. We believe that the Lord spoke what was on His heart, and there was an excellent response. In addition, due to the warm atmosphere provided by the Lord, the saints enjoyed the fellowship with one another throughout the weekend. Also coordination in practical services was strengthened, and more saints were brought into function. We pray that the saints will enter into the speaking that they heard so that the Lord can strengthen the net in the German-speaking countries for the building up of His Body.


All this week is a young peoples gospel preaching time in Lahore, Pakistan.


The national conference in Nepal will be Friday through Lord’s Day.


  1. Morning revival: Week 5 of The Intrinsic Significance of the Church.
    week starting June 30: repeat week 4 of Intrinsic Significance or summer training verses
    week starting July 7: repeat week 5 of Intrinsic Significance or summer training verses
    week starting July 14: week 1 of The Heavenly Vision (Memorial Day conference)
  2. The Summer School of Truth in Los Angeles will be July 18 through 26. Meals will be in districts; meetings will be in hall 5. Sign up at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/ssot.
  3. Donations for the FTTA relocation/enlargement may be given to the church, designated for “FTTA Training Center.” Details are in the Information section of http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.