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FTTA Relocation

FTTA will relocate from Ball Rd to the LSM campus in August of this year. Continue to pray for 1) wisdom to those taking care of the relocation, 2) a sufficient financial supply for the relocation, and 3) increasing enrollment every term.

UCLA Spring Break Trip

There are 61 students and serving ones on a UCLA Spring break trip from March 21 to 28. We will visit the church in New York and the churches in the Boston area. There are 15 new ones on the trip. Please pray that (1) the Lord will appear and speak to each student in a new and fresh way, (2) all the new ones will see the vision of the church and the Body, (3) full covering of the Lord from the enemy, (4) much grace to the receiving churches, (5) much blending with the saints to be brought into the reality of the Body of Christ.

Antelope Valley

Last week we began a Friday night meeting for young people and college students. We were greatly encouraged that ten high school and college students attended. Please pray for their continued growth and for their absorption of the ministry material. Pray also for the Lord’s moving in the shepherding saints to help these younger saints go on and be integrated into the church life in Antelope Valley.

College Campus Visits for High School Students

In the coming months many churches will have open house activities or spring visit times for our own high-school seniors and juniors considering going to college.
The burden is to shepherd these young saints through this critical transition in their lives and to facilitate the handover of care for them between the churches so that none would be lost to the world and so that all the churches would be blessed through their enjoyment of Christ in the church life. May the Lord increase the fellowship among us “strengthening the net” to bring in a bountiful catch this year!

Russian-Speaking Conference

The conference is March 28 to 30 in Sacramento. This conference is for Russian-speaking saints and those caring for Russian-speaking saints in North America.


Please pray for the raising up of the Lord’s testimony in major cities in Europe, including

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Barcelona and Bilbao, Spain
  • Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich, Germany


Please pray for:

  1. the one-month intensified propagation in Kasur and the first Lord’s table meeting there on March 30.
  2. the search for a meeting hall in Lahore.
  3. the translation and proofreading of the Crystallization-study of Genesis to be completed soon.


  1. Morning revival: week 18 of Genesis.
  2. Junior high conferences will be April 11 to 13. Registration deadline is March 30.
  3. Sixth grade conference is May 2 to 4. Registration deadline is April 6.