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“He who is Joined to the Lord is One Spirit” (1 Cor. 6:17)

The Lord wants to recover the earth and establish His kingdom on earth, but in order to do this, He needs us to be one with Him according to the principle of incarnation. We need to be one with the Lord in the desire of His heart and in the carrying out of His purpose on earth. We need to be one with God in His move—one with Him in life, in living, and in our entire doing today on earth. (Week 5 outline, I.A, 1, 2)

Increase in L.A.

Lord, flow Your riches out to bring people to Yourself and to fellowship in the church life. Flow out of us to family, neighbors, work associates, and friends. (Our goal is 1000 people participating in the church life in L.A. this year.)

College Conference

Please pray for the college conference this weekend in Anaheim. We need the prevailing prayer to unveil to each and every student the critical vision of God’s desire to have a house on earth for His expression. Many of those who have grown up in the church still need to be solidified by seeing this vision. And many newer ones who meet with us regularly need to be fully gained for His purpose by seeing this vision. Let us fight the battle in prayer so that all the students may give their lives and their futures wholly to the Lord for His building.

Bibles for America

With the distribution of free BfA Bibles and books during the recent FTTA gospel trips to eleven cities in North America, many people were exposed to the ministry for the first time. In total, saints gave away over 6,000 Bibles and ministry books during the trips, and there were many positive responses. In all of the cities, saints encountered seeking ones who were hungry for the truth. May the Lord cause all of the recipients to enjoy what they received and to come to know Him in a deeper way.


Dick Taylor and Michael Stewart (from Long Beach) are in Pretoria, South Africa. This week is the beginning of FTT Pretoria. They have 14 trainees, which is a good number for a beginning.


Please continue to pray for the contacting and shepherding of the students on the university campuses in Europe.

Sri Lanka

The whole month of March there is intensified gospel preaching in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. The goal is to gain five families for the church life.


  1. Morning revival: week 5 of Prayer and the Lord’s Move. Internet sharing from this week’s morning revival is at http://www.agodman.com/blog/enjoyment-from-the-holy-word-for-morning-revival/prayer-and-the-lords-move/. After Prayer and the Lord’s Move we will use Crystallization of Daniel and Zechariah (winter training) which we will complete before the summer training.
  2. The Memorial Day conference will be May 24 to 27 in Atlanta, Georgia. There will be child care for K through 6th grade. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer. Please register in your district the children and the number of adults and young people attending by Lord’s Day, April 28.