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When we truly stand on the ground of the church and take up the responsibility of such a ministry of prayer before God, we will see God’s will carried out in the church where we are….God’s power cannot exceed the prayer of the church. The power of God today can at most be as great as the prayer of the church. This does not mean that God’s power is limited in heaven. In heaven, God’s power is unlimited. But on earth, God’s power is manifested to the degree that the church prays. The amount that the church prays will be the measure of the amount that God’s power is manifested. (WN, The Prayer Ministry of the Church, ch. 1, online sec. 7; also Prayer and the Lord’s Move, p. 17)

Church in Los Angeles

The whole church will meet together Lord’s Day, April 21, at Mission College (same location as two meetings last year). Lord, use this time to advance Your move in Los Angeles.
Ask the Lord to flow out His riches to bring people to Himself and to fellowship in the church life. May He flow out of us to family, neighbors, classmates, work associates, and friends. Our goal is 1000 people participating in the church life in L.A. this year.

Young People

Junior high school conferences are April 5 to 7. May the Lord use these conferences to infuse our young people with Himself as the strength to stand for Him and not be carried away by the current of this age.

Sixth Grade

The 6th Grade Conference (May 3-5) is a wonderful opportunity for the sixth graders who may not be saved to have a solid beginning in their Christian life, and for those who have already received the Lord to touch Him again in a rich way. Therefore, it is crucial for parents and those serving at the conference to come to a special preparation meeting. Others who are burdened for the sixth graders are also encouraged to come. This time of preparation is Saturday, April 27, at 1916 W. Ball Rd., Anaheim, 9:30 am to noon.

Culver City

Many saints in Hall 3 have received the burden to reach out to Culver City and started to pray weekly for God’s move in this city since 2011. Since July 2012 we have practiced going out to our neighbors by distributing BfA door hangers, street by street and family by family, every Sunday afternoon. So far we have distributed to 2,500 homes (17,000 homes in Culver City altogether). At least 6 families have requested the Recovery Version NT through BfA.
Please pray for the saints to continue to go out steadfastly to reach neighbors through BfA. Pray for the proper follow-up and fellowship with those who are open to the Word. May the Lord bring them to the ministry of the age.

Amherst, Massachusetts

There are five universities in or near Amherst (in western Massachusetts). A family has a home next to the U Mass campus, where college meetings and Lord’s Day meetings have been held since September.
Due to a job opportunity, a couple from San Bernardino will migrate there by June to strengthen the church life and open another home for care of students. Pray that everything pertaining to this move be from the Lord, in Him, and for His glory. Also, pray for the Lord’s advance in Amherst.


Dick Taylor and James Lee are in Africa until Tuesday evening. They report a wonderful conference in Ethiopia March 22 to 24. They had parallel conferences in Ghana and Nigeria last weekend, and a brothers’ training this week Monday and Tuesday. Please pray for the Lord’s continuing care to all the churches after the brothers depart. Also pray for his continued supply to every part of their being.

South Africa

FTT Pretoria continues. Please beseech the Lord for a rich supply to the local and visiting brothers in their spiritual and practical care for this new training.

Polish Recovery Version NT

Two brothers in Poland are taking an intensive course to learn New Testament Greek in preparation for the translation of the New Testament Recovery Version into Polish. The translation work is expected to begin in the first part of June. This will be a long project (at least five years), and it has already become and is expected to be a spiritual battle. Please pray, asking the Lord to:

  • bless this work and bountifully supply all the resources, including the finances, necessary to complete the project
  • cover the entire translation team and lead them throughout the project in their work, fellowship, and coordination to produce a translation of the highest quality
  • prepare the Polish-speaking people everywhere to receive His interpreted Word. May the Lord accomplish His good pleasure in His way, in His time, and for His glory.

Russian-Speaking Conference

The Spring 2013 Russian-speaking conference will be April 5 to 7 in Sacramento.


  1. Morning revival: week 2 of Crystallization of Daniel and Zechariah (winter training).
    Hold on to your copy of Prayer and the Lord’s Move. We might use it again at a later date.
  2. May 2 to 12 there will be a Spanish-speaking tour of Israel with participation in the annual spring conference. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  3. The Memorial Day conference will be May 24 to 27 in Atlanta, Georgia. There will be child care for K through 6th grade. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer. Please register in your district the children and the number of adults and young people attending by Lord’s Day, April 28.