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FTTA will move from the current facility on Ball Road to the buildings 7 and 8 of the Ministry Conference Center (MCC) in August. Building 8 is the facility used for the semiannual trainings; building 7 is the incomplete shell next to building 8. The training facility in these two buildings will be two times larger than the current facility. This adequately meets the current needs of the FTTA and will be more than sufficient for years to come. This move has been considered for a lengthy period of time because the current FTTA facility is inadequate.
The projected cost to complete the construction of building 7 and to remodel part of building 8 is $8 million. Living Stream Ministry will supply $2.5 million of this amount, leaving a balance of $5.5 million needed to complete the new FTTA Training Center. We would encourage you to read the two-page PDF document and to view the 30 minute sharing of this burden by accessing the link: http://stream11.lsmwebcast.com/reports/FTTA.html.
Donations may be given to the church, designated for “FTTA Training Center.”

Shepherding After Life-Study Seminar in Hall 1

At the Spanish-language seminar on March 1, 35 guests turned in cards indicating their interest in further fellowship. At least 30 of these live in the area where our hall 1 saints live. Please continue to pray for shepherding each one of them. May the Lord grace the saints in their visiting, calling, and shepherding of them and gain many as remaining fruit!

South Africa

Michael Stewart is in South Africa in his second of two weeks teaching the class, The Spirit, at FTT Pretoria. Ask the Lord to release more vision and experience of the Spirit to Michael, to the trainees, and to all who are associated with or visiting the training.


In past years tens of thousands of free ministry publications have been distributed by Rhema in Romania. Recently, there has been a burden to contact the readers who have received all three sets of publications over the past three years. In January the saints in several localities began, in coordination with the full-time serving ones, to contact and visit those readers who are open. The initial response has been very good. Please pray that:

  • more local saints will pick up the burden to labor in the Lord’s harvest in Romania;
  • a good number of ministry readers will be brought into the church life for the increase of the Lord’s testimony in Romania;
  • a local church will be raised up in several new cities, including Arad and Cluj-Napoca.

Kiev, Ukraine

A 5 minute video report on the situation in Ukraine related to the saints and the construction of their meeting hall in Kiev is at http://youtu.be/Z-DdhxPZv3s. Please pray that:

  • the political and economic situation in the country will turn out to the advancement of the gospel and the Lord’s move in Ukraine;
  • the construction of the new meeting hall in Kiev will not be hindered or delayed;
  • the saints and their property will be covered by the Lord and kept from damage.


  1. Morning revival: week 16 of Genesis (winter training).
  2. Junior high conferences will be April 11 to 13. Registration deadline is March 30.
  3. Sixth grade conference is May 2 to 4. Registration deadline is April 6.