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Memorial Day Conference

The conference will be Friday night, May 22 through Monday noon, May 25 in St. Louis. Please pray that the Lord will take more crucial steps in the advancement of His purpose during this gathering.

National College Training

May 15 is the deadline for registration for this training. Please ask the Lord to fill this training with young saints who will give themselves to be His age turners to bring Him back!

FTTA Boston Extension Gospel Trip to Europe

Last week and this week twenty-eight trainees from the FTTA Boston extension are on a gospel trip to Europe. This week they and 16 additional saints are in small groups visiting cities in England, France, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Spain, and Switzerland. Please pray to cover and release the Lord’s all-inclusive blessing on this gospel trip.
Please also ask the Lord to release 20 of the trainees to migrate to Europe in August.


The saints in Rome are close to acquiring a meeting hall less than 270 meters from Sapienza University (the largest university in Europe) and a 3 minute walk from the metro.
There is an evangelistic radio channel in Rome that may be able to broadcast the Life-study of the Bible radio program for free. The hope is that free Rhema literature could be advertised through this.
Lord, strengthen Your testimony in Rome!

German Young People’s Conference

We had a wonderful weekend [May 1-3] at our first German-speaking young people’s conference. During the weekend the Lord poured out His blessing and did more than what we could ask or think, and we sensed the Lord’s answering the prayers of His Body.
The young people [50 or more, ages 11-25] were impressed to see a vision of who they are (as the salt of the earth, the light of the world, the branches of the vine and as seeds of life), how they can live a life to bear fruit and the importance of grasping the opportunity to offer themselves entirely to Him.
We believe the Lord gave us a very good and positive beginning and are encouraged about what the Lord is doing and what He will do among the young people for the closing of this age.


Please continue to pray 1) for the country’s recovery after the earthquake, 2) for the supply of physical necessities to the saints, 3) for people’s hearts to be open to the gospel at this time of trial, and 4) for the local saints to grasp the opportunity to boldly preach Christ and lead many to salvation.
Three Rhema booklets in Nepalese are almost ready for free distribution. May the Lord use these booklets to reach many seekers all over Nepal.
Monetary gifts may be given to the church, designated for Nepal.


The annual spring conference in Israel will be May 14 to 16.


  1. Morning revival: week 6 of Crystallization-Study of Exodus.
  2. The summer training will be June 29 to July 4 in Anaheim. Some video trainings in L.A. will begin June 29, some later. Late donation is $205 for Anaheim, still $80 for video.
  3. The Los Angeles Summer School of Truth will be July 24 to August 1.
  4. The 2015 European Young People’s Conference will take place in Male Ciche, Poland, Lord’s Day, July 26 through Saturday, August 1. Registration is now open, with a deadline of June 1. Registration for all attendants, including families, will take place online at http://ypconference.eu.
  5. The 2015 Young People’s Conference of the Americas will take place in São Roque, Brazil Wednesday, July 22 through Lord’s Day, July 26, 2015. This is for saints ages 12 to 22. Information and registration is at http://brazilypconf.org. Registration deadline is June 1st.