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The Word of God Operates in You Who Believe (1 Thes 2:13)

Pray that the word spoken in the Memorial Day conference will be received with much exercise of faith in those who attended the conference, in those who watched or are watching videos, and in those who hear reports from the conference.

New FTTA Facility

In August FTTA will move from Ball Road to larger facilities on the LSM campus. Please pray for wisdom to those overseeing and participating in the work, for timely delivery of materials, for sufficient skilled workers, and for grace to all the workers that the project may be completed on time. More information about this move is available in four languages at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
Among the workers are about 30 from Europe. Pray that their time in Anaheim will result in greater vision for them and much furtherance of the Lord’s move in Europe.
Donations for the FTTA move may be given to the church, designated for “FTTA Training Center.”

Bibles for America

Over 4,700 people have ordered the new book A Life Full of Forbearance but without Anxiety in the first two weeks after its release. Over the next several weeks, Bibles for America will send e-mails to 32,000 recent Bible and book recipients to let them know about this new free offer and encourage them to order. Please pray that the Lord would cause many of these 32,000 to order the new book and that they would enjoy and benefit from the speaking it conveys.

One-Week Trainings in London

This week is the last of this spring’s series of four one-week trainings in London with saints and seeking ones from all of Europe. Please pray that the attendees will be perfected in the divine truths, in their daily life with the Lord, in practicing the God-ordained way, in participating in the spread of the divine truths throughout Europe, in becoming fruit-bearing branches in the vine, and in developing their organic functions for the building up of the organic Body of Christ.


Dick Taylor and James Lee leave Thursday for a month in Australia and New Zealand. Beginning Lord’s Day (June 1), they will be in Perth to attend church meetings and to spend time with the campus team and leading brothers.


At least 320 people, including 50 new native French people, attended the conference in Paris April 26 and 27. The responses to the speaking were overwhelming and the conference atmosphere was full of joy. A one-page conference report is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
Please pray that the Lord will continue to sow the seed of the ministry publications and the Recovery Version so that the Francophone world can be “filled with the knowledge of Jehovah / As water covers the sea” (Isa. 11:9) and will cause many to love and appreciate His word and ministry.


  1. Morning revival: REPEAT Week 1 of The Intrinsic Significance of the Church (February 2014 International Chinese-Speaking Conference).
  2. The West Coast College Trainings are July 7 to 13. Registration deadline is June 1. Information is at http://collegetraining.org/home/2014/.
  3. Summer Training Registration: We would like to collect all the final training registrations by Lord’s Day, June 1st. A seat in the Anaheim training is now $205. A seat in video is $80 for any of the six video training sessions: Hall 1 in Korean, Hall 2 in English, Korean, and Spanish, Hall 4 in English, Hall 5 in English.