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Love, Feed, Shepherd

“Jesus said, do you love Me? Feed My lambs. Do you love Me? Shepherd My sheep. Do you love Me? Feed My sheep.” (part of John 21:15-17) Lord, cause our love for You to increase our shepherding and feeding of others, and to cause our shepherding and feeding to increase our love.

Prayer and the Lord’s Move

We need to persevere in prayer, pray at every time in spirit, and be on the alert for the maintaining of a prayer life. (2012 Thanksgiving Conference, banner 2)
After week 12 of Genesis, we will repeat Prayer and the Lord’s Move, which we used in February and March. Please find your book or order a new one.

Perfecting for Spanish-Speaking Saints

This fall there is a Perfecting Training Series for Spanish-speaking saints in Southern California. The remaining topics are Gospel Service (November 16) and Truth Equipping (December 7). Lord, perfect the saints “unto the work of the ministry, unto the building up of the Body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12).

Bibles for America

This is the second week of BfA’s three-week distribution tour from Philadelphia through Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, to North and South Carolina. Please continue to pray that:

  • The Lord would brood over this part of the country and prepare many hungry ones to receive the Word and the ministry.
  • The traveling saints would remain safe and be strengthened into their inner man throughout this trip.


Over 400 people attended a seminar Saturday, November 2. Of the 165 first time attendees, 72 want a Bible study in their home. Some have already received an initial visit. Please pray for many saints to be available to visit these and many, many other new contacts whose homes are open and waiting for visitation.

One-Week Trainings in Europe

This is the third week of this fall’s four one-week trainings at Bower House in London. The overall theme is The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery: Truth, Life, the Church, and the Gospel. Please pray that the saints will be perfected in the divine truths, in their daily life before the Lord, in practicing the vital groups, in participating in the spread of the divine truths throughout Europe, in becoming fruit-bearing branches in the vine, and in developing their organic functions for the building of the churches.


The annual conference in Belgium is November 16 to 17. Please pray for the release of the Lord’s fresh and up-to-date speaking, and the effect of this speaking on the practical living of the saints.


  1. Morning revival: week 11 of Crystallization-Study of Genesis. After Genesis, we will repeat Prayer and the Lord’s Move, which we used in February and March. Please find your book or order a new one.
  2. The winter training in Anaheim will be December 23 to 28. There will also be video trainings in L.A. Registration is $205 for Anaheim (includes late fee) and $80 for video. Registration deadline for video is Lord’s Day, November 17.
  3. The Thanksgiving Conference will be in Illinois from Thursday, November 28 through Lord’s Day, December 1. We invite all the churches and individuals to participate. There will be translation into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.