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Thanksgiving Conference

The Thanksgiving Conference will be November 26–29 in Jacksonville, Florida. Ask the Lord to richly anoint all the brothers preparing to speak and to open every heart to fully receive the word spoken. Also ask the Lord to supply the saints caring for practical preparations for the conference.

Southern California College Conference

This weekend (November 20-22) Los Angeles college students will attend the college conferences (USC will be in Big Bear, UCLA and CSUN will be at Oak Glen; Cal State Channel Islands and UCSB will also be at Oak Glen). The topic is the four wonderful steps of Christ— incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Please pray that:

  1. The Lord would prepare the hearts of the students to be the good ground to receive the Word.
  2. The new ones and our own students would all attend and experience the rich dispensing in the conference atmosphere.
  3. All the students would be blended together and all would be encouraged to pursue Christ in the church life.
  4. All the students would bring the conference back home and speak these wonderful steps to their friends as the gospel before the school term comes to an end.

Southern California Spanish-speaking Training

To end this age, we have to enter into a new revival, one which has never been seen before on earth. For this revival we need to reach the high peak of divine revelation, to have the God-man living, and to shepherd the flock of God by imparting the life-giving Spirit. We live in a historic time; we are on the threshold of turning the age. We need to keep training ourselves to become the dispensational instruments that the Lord is looking for.
The third of the three training days this fall is Saturday, November 21 in Anaheim.

European University Students Conference

The autumn European University Students Conference will be November 20 to 22 in London on the subject “The Spirit with our spirit.” Pray that the Lord will gain a young generation in Europe who exercise and know their mingled spirit so that He may have a new start in Europe.

I Will Shake All the Nations

Haggai 2:6-7, “For thus says Jehovah of hosts, Yet once more – it is but a little while – I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land; and I will shake all the nations, and the Desire of all the nations will come; and I will fill this house with glory, says Jehovah of hosts.”
The final shaking of the nations will be during the tribulation. Then Christ, the Desire of all the nations, will return visibly. However, before that time there is an on-going shaking, such as the wars and natural disasters mentioned by the Lord in Matthew 24:6-7. These shakings, including the refugee crisis in Europe and the bombings in Paris, open people to receive the Gospel.

We stand one with the saints in Europe as we pray for:
– the Lord’s leading and their cooperation with Him to be bold with the gospel;
– the supply of gospel materials in all necessary languages both on paper and on the internet;
– the salvation and gaining of the Lord’s chosen among all Europeans, especially those who would then present the gospel to their fellow citizens.


  1. Morning revival: Week 17 in Crystallization-Study of Exodus, vol. 3. After week 18 we will begin Material Offerings and the Lord’s Move Today.
  2. The Thanksgiving Conference will be November 26–29 in Jacksonville, Florida. A detailed announcement is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/ .
  3. The 2015 Winter Training will be December 21–26 in Anaheim. Some video trainings in LA will begin December 21, some later. Registration for video ($80) and late registration for Anaheim ($205) are open until December 1.
  4. Please send inputs for future prayer emails to both Justin Lim, justinlim@cantab.net and Don Martin, dmartin11@socal.rr.com.