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Our Need for a New Revival

We need a new revival because the Lord needs a new revival to prepare His bride for His return. This revival is neither excitement nor activity. “God’s economy is to dispense Himself into us and to work Himself into us that we may take Him as our life and life supply in order to live Him.” (LS of Philippians, ch. 37) The revival we need, we pursue, and we pray for is a strengthening of God’s dispensing into us and an uplifting of our taking Him as our life supply for an expansion of our living Him. Lord, revive us for Your return!

The Church in Los Angeles

The whole church in Los Angeles will meet together Lord’s Day, October 18 at LA Trade Tech College. Please pray for a rich time of blending among all the saints across all the languages, ages, districts, and halls for the Lord’s shining testimony in Los Angeles.
Please note that there will not be any lunch provided, so saints are encouraged to make their own plans to continue the blending and fellowship.

Winter Training Registration

The winter training is a time for us to receive the Lord’s fresh speaking. Ask the Lord to release more saints from the affairs of human life to participate in this training in Anaheim or in the videos in Los Angeles. Ask the Lord to stir our hearts to pursue Him actively (not passively) so that He may become our new revival.

Oak Glen Conference Center

Please ask the Lord to release the additional finances needed for the down payment by the end of this week and to release the continuing supply for the on-going monthly payments.

Europe and the Refugee Crisis

With this mass displacement of people, please pray for the Lord’s move in His economy and our response in coordination with Him as the Head. Particularly, pray for

  • the Lord’s leading to the brothers serving in Europe about where to focus the gospel preaching;
  • key refugees to be saved, those who will proclaim this salvation to others;
  • the door of the gospel to be wide open to Europeans disturbed by the influx of refugees.

The Lord’s Testimony in Europe

Please pray for the raising up of the Lord’s testimony in major European cities, including: Lisbon (Portugal); Krakow (Poland); Budapest (Hungary); Vienna (Austria); Sofia (Bulgaria); Thessaloniki (Greece); Zagreb and Split (Croatia); Belgrade and Novi Sad (Serbia); Geneva and Zurich (Switzerland); Barcelona and Bilbao (Spain); Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich (Germany); and Tirana (Albania).


  1. Morning revival: REPEAT Week 6 of The Need for a New Revival (Memorial Day Conference). Next week we will be in Week 13 in Crystallization-Study of Exodus, vol. 3.
  2. Junior High Conferences will take place October 23-25 in Riverside (brothers) and Diamond Bar (sisters). Registration deadline is October 11.
  3. ** High School Conferences** will take place October 30–November 1 in Anaheim (brothers) and Irvine (sisters). Registration deadline is October 18.
  4. The Southern California Spanish-Speaking Conference will be held on Saturday, October 24 from 4:00–9:00pm at 1855 W Ball Rd, Anaheim. No need for registration or donation. Bring your own meal for the dinner break from 6:00–7:15pm. Child care will not be provided.
  5. The Thanksgiving Conference will be November 26–29 in Jacksonville, Florida.
  6. The 2015 Winter Training will be December 21–26 in Anaheim. Some video trainings in LA will begin December 22, some later. Registration for Anaheim should be completed by October 27. Donation is $155 for Anaheim, $80 for video/simulcast.