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A New Revival: Living the Life of a God-man

If we practice living the life of a God-man, which is the reality of the Body of Christ, spontaneously a corporate model will be built up, a model living in the economy of God; this model will be the greatest revival in the history of the church to bring the Lord back. The only way to live the life of a God-man according to the Lord’s model is to set our entire being on the mingled spirit, walking, living, and having our being according to the mingled spirit. (HWMR, Week 3 outline)
I would encourage you to try faithfully to practice living a God-man’s life by contacting Him through calling on His name, pray-reading His living word, praying unceasingly, not quenching the Spirit, and not despising prophesying. May the Lord bless us with Himself as the life-giving Spirit that we may touch Him in the mingled spirit by these life practices. (W. Lee, Living a Life According to the High Peak of the Divine Revelation, ch. 5)

Oak Glen

“We make known to you, brothers, the grace of God which has been given in the churches of Macedonia, that in much proving of affliction the abundance of their joy and the depth of their poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality; that according to their power, I testify, and beyond their power, of their own accord, with much entreaty they besought of us the grace and the fellowship of the
ministry to the saints.” (2 Cor. 8:1-4)

The Southern California churches are buying Oak Glen Christian Conference Center. The sale of Oak Glen will be completed in October. At that time the $1.64 million down payment will be due. To help with this, please give to the church by Lord’s Day, September 27, designated for Oak Glen. Let us ask the Lord

  • to grace us abundantly that we may participate in this purchase with joy and beyond our power, and
  • to complete this purchase and the subsequent sale of Engedi in a timely manner.

SoCal Spanish-speaking Training

In August we started a new series of trainings on the God-ordained way. To end this age, we have to enter into a new revival, one which has never been seen before on earth. For this revival we need to reach the high peak of divine revelation, to have the God-man living, and to shepherd the flock of God by imparting the life-giving Spirit. We live in a historic time; we are on the threshold of turning the age. We need to keep training ourselves to become the dispensational instruments that the Lord is looking for.
The next training day is Saturday, September 19.

Bibles for America

A distribution tour began Saturday, September 12. BfA staff members join local saints in Northern California, Oregon, and Nevada for two weeks of distributions at college campuses and the 41st Annual Solano Avenue Stroll in Berkeley. Please pray that the Lord would draw His chosen ones to the tables and that His Word would run in this region!


There will be a conference in Romania September 18 to 20. Pray that the Lord will speak a timely word and that all the saints and churches who attend will enjoy a sweet atmosphere of blending and fellowship.
Please pray for the ongoing seminars that are being held in Bucharest, Resita, and Deva to contact and shepherd ministry readers. Pray that the Lord will organically increase the churches in these cities to strengthen His testimony in Romania.


There will be a conference in Switzerland from September 19 to 20. We thank the Lord for your prayers and look forward to rejoice with you and blend to build the Body of Christ for His prevailing testimony everywhere.

South Africa

James Lee remains in South Africa until Saturday for classes with the trainees in the FTT Pretoria.


  1. Morning revival: Week 3 of The Need for a New Revival (Memorial Day Conference).
  2. The prayer emails for September 20, 27, and October 4 will be edited by brother Justin Lim, justinlim@cantab.net. Please send inputs to him.
  3. A video of the August 22 meeting about Oak Glen is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese on http://www.socalblendingcenter.org/updates. A brief video about Oak Glen is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp4AgX7zhiY.
  4. The whole church in Los Angeles will meet together Lord’s Day, October 18, at L.A. Trade Tech College (same location as May of this year and October of last year).
  5. The Thanksgiving Conference will be November 26 to 29 in Jacksonville, Florida. A detailed announcement is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer/.