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The International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones will be October 3 to 5 in Bangkok, Thailand, followed by a blending meeting with the churches in Thailand October 6. Please pray that all who attend this training will take the lead to be brought on to maturity and that the same atmosphere will spread through the whole recovery.

Church in Los Angeles Joint Meeting

The whole church in Los Angeles will meet Lord’s Day, October 13 at 10 am at Mission College (the same location as in April). Ask the Lord for good attendance and much participation so that we may be encouraged, grow in life, and be blent more into the reality of the Body.

L.A. Korean Festival, Bible Seminars and Bible Clubs

The annual festival ended on Lord’s Day. Saturday, October 5, we will have a Bible seminar targeting many hungry ones and NT recipients in the L.A. Korean community. The goal of these seminars is to link them to Bible clubs meeting weekly where all the seeking ones can enjoy His rich words with the Korean Recovery Version. Please pray that:

  • The Lord supply richly for further contact with every one who received a NT.
  • The Lord bring many seeking ones to the Bible seminar and connect them to the Bible clubs.
  • The Lord bless all the Bible clubs to be wide open entrances to the church life for many new ones.

Santa Barbara

We now have more than 20 students in Santa Barbara. Half of them are new (from other churches) this school year. Ask the Lord 1) to blend our students together, 2) to connect them with the homes, and 3) to give them good experiences in reaching out to other students.


We are grateful to the Lord for his move in this age. The 30 minute weekly radio broadcast on the book of Revelation has been going on in Lagos, Nigeria since April 2013. We received over 100 phone calls asking for printed copies of the messages and indicating their love for the ministry. On September 14 we conducted a 3 hour seminar and 53 of them were in attendance; their testimonies and response to the ministry was wonderful and quite encouraging. They also indicated that their homes are open for us.
We experienced this blessing of increase through the radio years before. Now we feel the Lord is about to do something more to advance his move. This is an urgent need for prayer:

  1. For the Lord to utilize this opportunity to shepherd these people, and
  2. To strengthen the work in Nigeria through the radio broadcast.

New Testament Translation Work

Saints are laboring to translate the Recovery Version NT with footnotes into Polish, Armenian, and Vietnamese. Lord, supply them bountifully!


  1. Morning revival: week 6 of Crystallization-Study of Genesis.
  2. The winter training in Anaheim will be Monday, December 23 to Saturday, December 28 with meetings at 4 pm and 7:30 pm. There will also be video trainings in L.A. Registration is $155 for Anaheim and $80 for video. Registration deadline for Anaheim is Lord’s Day, October 27.
  3. Junior High School Conferences October 18-20, $60/person, registrations are due by October 6
    Brothers at church in Los Angeles, Hall 2
    Sisters at church in Riverside
  4. High School Conferences October 25-27, $60/person, registrations are due by October 13
    Sisters at church in Anaheim
    Brothers at church in Irvine
    The Thanksgiving Conference will be in Illinois from Thursday, November 28 through Lord’s Day, December 1. We invite all the churches and individuals to participate. There will be translation into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.