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Children’s Work Perfecting Conference

We are pleased to announce to the churches in Southern California a perfecting conference for parents and for those who serve with the children in the churches. This perfecting conference will be a continuation and further development of the same conference we began several years ago.
This conference will be Saturday, October 4 from 9 am until 3 pm at the church in Diamond Bar meeting hall. There will be translation into Korean, Chinese and Spanish (bring your own FM radio). For the registered saints lunch will be provided. The registration donation will be $25. Please register by September 28 at http://www.scyp.com and click on Event Registration.

Kansas City

Dick Taylor will be in Kansas City for a conference Friday through Lord’s Day. Saints from Missouri and Kansas will be attend along with smaller numbers from nearby states. The subject is The Heavenly Vision. Please pray that this conference give more people the vision and bring more people into the reality of this vision.


In the coming weeks the universities across Europe will begin their new academic year. This is a very crucial time for making new contacts on campus. Please pray:

  • That the Lord will open many homes to shepherd the students and will also raise up key students to co-labor on many campuses throughout Europe.
  • That the Lord will sovereignly arrange contact with many seeking ones in the coming weeks and will gain them as remaining fruit.


  1. The FTT New Delhi trainees with the saints propagated for 12 days in 3 campuses and 4 communities in August. They used the gospel of John as their gospel tract. There were 17 baptisms. In this propagation the Lord has blessed us with 50 students and 14 families who are open for regular meeting and Bible studies. Please pray:
    • For the coordination of trainees and saints in shepherding of the contacts to be remaining fruits;
    • For the establishment of Bible study groups in the campuses;
    • That the new ones could be brought into the church life through the perfecting in the group meetings.
  2. Starting September 8th, there will be an intensified gospel move for three weeks in various places throughout India. Please pray that more contacts and key families may be gained to be the building materials for the building of the house of God.


  1. Morning revival: week 26 of Crystallization-Study of Genesis (summer training).
  2. The International Thanksgiving Conference will be November 27-30 in San Antonio, Texas. There will be translation into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Care for children kindergarten through 6th grade will be provided; register by November 1. Information is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  3. The 2015 International Chinese-speaking Conference will be in Taipei, Taiwan Saturday, February 21 and Lord’s Day, February 22. We extend an invitation to participate in this gathering. There will be translation into English and other languages as needed. All who plan to attend should complete their registration by November 30; register through the church here. There will also be optional church visiting trips before and after the conference. Information is at http://www.icsc2015.org/about/index.