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“Nourished with the Words of the Faith and of the Good Teaching”

(1 Tim. 4:6)
The Bible indicates that whenever we are filled up within we will utter something (Eph. 5:18-19). When we are filled up within we will speak something. Even now we may have the heart and the desire to speak something, but we have no word to say because we are empty. If some of us try to preach, we will realize that our preaching is not that full. We may try to teach and discover that our teaching is not that full. We want to minister life to others but we do not have the riches of life.
The truth is in the unique holy Word and that the best help to usher us into the Word is the Recovery Version with the notes and all the Life-studies. If we do love the Lord’s recovery, we must get ourselves fed all the time with the healthy food that we may be strong and the Lord will have a strong testimony. (from Elders’ Training, Book 3, messages 10 and 11)
Some saints in L.A. are regularly reading a Life-study or other ministry book. For those who are not reading consistently, in October we will begin reading the Life-study of Genesis. Ask the Lord to give many of us a hunger for this reading that we may be richly nourished and may speak these riches.

Middle-age Training

The fall term of middle-age training began last week with 78 trainees. The goal of the training is to help each trainee grow in life, be constituted with the truths of the Bible, develop their spiritual capacities, and cultivate a proper character. May the Lord accomplish this in each trainee.
Some trainees plan to be in Anaheim only a few weeks. May the Lord operate in them and in their situations to extend their time in the training.

UCLA/Santa Barbara Camping Trip

On September 16-18 there will be a blending camping trip for students from UCLA and Santa Barbara. So far 7 students and 1 serving one have signed up to participate from Santa Barbara. Please pray for 15 students and serving ones from Santa Barbara to attend. Some students who want to attend have work or financial considerations. Pray that they would be released to go, particularly the sisters.

Cal State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)

A BfA table was held August 25 at the CSUCI Open House. Three CI students and many local saints participated. We gave away about 40 New Testaments and obtained 35 names. Through the CI website, 13 new students signed up for CSUCI Christian Students club membership. At the September 5 Bible study, we had the largest turnout (19 students) since our club was formed in February of this year. On September 21 we plan to have a blending with the students from CSUCI, CSUN, CSU Bakersfield and Moorpark college with kayaking at Ventura harbor, followed by dinner and a meeting. Please pray for:

  1. The blending time on September 21 to attract many students to love and pursue the Lord and meet with us on a regular basis;
  2. At least two core student members of the club by the end of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Moorpark College

Many local saints served at the BfA table at Moorpark College on August 22. We gave away about 40 New Testaments and obtained 34 names. Moorpark College has 3 times more students than CSUCI. This is our first attempt to establish a club and Bible study here. Please pray for:

  1. Raising up of some young adults burdened for this campus work;
  2. Establishment of a Bible study and Christian Students club this semester.

Young People in Spain and Portugal

A conference for the young people on the Iberian Peninsula will be held in Spain September 13 to 15. The conference will follow the subject of the young people’s conference in Poland at the end of July. The parents are welcome to attend also. Please pray that:

  • the young people will be released to attend the conference.
  • the vision of the young people and their parents will be strengthened so that the young people will become active members of the Body of Christ and eventually attend the full-time training.
  • all the young people will gain companions to pursue with them.


The annual international conference in Switzerland is September 14 to 15. We thank the Lord for your prayers and look forward to rejoice with you and blend to build the Body of Christ for His prevailing testimony everywhere.


  1. Morning revival: week 3 of Crystallization-Study of Genesis (summer training).
  2. Junior High School Conferences October 18-20, $60/person, registrations are due by October 6
    Brothers at church in Los Angeles, Hall 2
    Sisters at church in Riverside
  3. High School Conferences October 25-27, $60/person, registrations are due by October 13
    Sisters at church in Anaheim
    Brothers at church in Irvine
  4. This year’s Thanksgiving Conference will be held in Schaumburg, Illinois from Thursday, November 28 at night through Lord’s Day, December 1, mid-day. We extend an invitation to all the churches and individuals to participate in this gathering. There will be translation into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.
  5. This year’s International Conference for Iberia will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, December 6 to 8. More information is at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.