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Winter Training

The training begins Monday, December 23. Video trainings in Los Angeles are various times from December 23 through early January. Please pray for the Lord’s rich supply to the speaking brothers and a spirit of wisdom and revelation to all who attend in Anaheim or by video.

FTTA Graduation

Saturday, December 21, 46 will graduate from FTTA. Ask the Lord to draw each one to serve as He wills and to keep them living in His presence as they leave the training environment

Boston Training Center

Thank the Lord for answering the prayer regarding the Boston training center. The final walk through by the fire department was November 26. The only item that they required was adding one fire extinguisher. The occupancy and use permit was issued December 2. The training moved in immediately after, and was able to use the building for about 10 days before the semester ended. The church in Boston had its first Lord’s table in the building on December 8. Praise the Lord for overcoming all the obstacles. He is truly the Alpha and the Omega.
Please pray that the Lord will continue to grant the training and the church favor with the city and its residents and will gain and perfect many young ones for His move in Europe and on the whole earth.


Please pray for the propagation of the ministry of WN and WL through the internet to contact and gain seeking people, to perfect the believers, to produce the one new man, and to prepare the bride of Christ.


December 4 to 7 a Bible distribution was carried out in Lisbon to support the conference that took place there December 6 to 8 and to cooperate with the Lord to raise up a lampstand in Lisbon. During the four days of distribution, 765 Bibles were given out. 415 recipients indicated they were open to be contacted; 32 were very open. In addition, 52 persons prayed to receive the Lord. Eight new ones attended the conference. The experience of the saints who carried out the distribution was overwhelmingly positive. Please pray:

  • For the shepherding of the Bible recipients who are open for further contact.
  • That a good number of these recipients will be gained for the church life in Lisbon and become building members of the Body of Christ.
  • That the word released in the conference will operate in all the saints for their building up.

Sweden and Norway

December 4-9 the New Testament Recovery Version (in English) and Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume 1 (in the local languages) were distributed in Sweden and Norway. This initial distribution resulted in more than 60 Bibles given out and a total of 19 who want further contact. Please pray:

  • For the follow-up of those who want further contact.
  • For a continuation of the distribution in both countries in the coming days and weeks.
  • For all the saints to be brought into a normal life of fruit-bearing as branches of Christ, the true vine.

Announcements for weeks of December 15 and 22

  1. Morning revival: December 16 to 22: week 4 of Prayer and the Lord’s Move.
    December 23 to 29: winter training verses or week 5 of Prayer and the Lord’s Move.
    The next prayer email will be Lord’s Day, December 29.
  2. Gifts marked for Philippines Relief may be given to the church or to Lord’s Move to Europe.
  3. A conference for the Spanish-speaking saints in Southern California will be January 17 to 19 in Anaheim. Messages will be given in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish and the meetings are open to all the saints. At the same time, we will have a Young People’s Conference and meetings for the children. Details are at http://www.churchinlosangeles.org/prayer.